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Motor movers fitted

Have you ever fitted motor movers fitted in your caravan before?. John asked Harry. No. But what could go wrong in installing a motor mover? Harry answered with another question. “Everything. You might think of it as an easy job. However, it is not. My other friend tried to fix it himself but he couldn’t. He even managed to damage the mover in the process. The warranty can’t be claimed anymore as he was instructed to install it by hiring a professional”. John told you to steal in a cautious tone. “So what should I do?”.  “You should hire an expert & they can have your motor mover fitted at your home,” John told Harry.

It’s a typical conversation between two friends—one of which is trying to fit his caravan motor mover himself. Usually, it is the same case with most of the people out there. They spend so much effort in researching about motor movers, spend their hard earned money on the mover they like the most & then try to save some money by installing the mover themselves. You may not be aware of the fact, but many companies out there instruct their customers to have their motor movers fitted by the proper engineers. Some even have their policy of valid warranty claim only in the case when an engineer has met your motor mover. But you don’t have to worry if you don’t know of a service which is valid, registered & experts at what they do. Your search for qualified motor mover fitters will be complete by the end of this article.

There is a wide range of motor movers:

When you decide to buy a motor mover for your caravan. You have to be careful. There is a comprehensive & extensive range of different models & versions of motor movers. You have to research on them before you buy the actual model. Powrtouch, E-go, Emove, Purpleline & so many other models. There are classic movers & advanced movers. There are titanium movers & other lightweight alloy movers. The price also plays a significant factor in selecting a motor mover. You have to ensure what kind of quality you want. Sometimes the best quality comes at a high price while sometimes it comes at a meagre amount. Buy a motor mover & than hire a professional engineer too to have the motor mover fitted at your home.

You have bought a motor mover, but you can’t find time:

The feeling one gets when he goes for vacations in his caravan is just amazing. It’s an out of the world feeling. If you’re going to travel with friends or travel with family, the journey will be fascinating. You work all around the year. You’re busy all day, every month, throughout the year. But a person gets tired after being worked up so much. They need to freshen up. Almost every person with a tiring job or entrepreneurial mindset realises that vacations—going to somewhere quiet & peaceful. Some companies even send their employees to distant recesses so that they would be better able to meet with their responsibilities when they come back. You are probably going on vacations for the same purpose. Your caravan needs to be modified & updated before this journey. It’ll need a motor mover too for the ease of your travel. You have most probably bought the motor mover, but you haven’t installed it because you can’t find the right time. You’re busy in your job or business & it’s becoming difficult to take out some time to install the motor mover right? When you hire professional motor mover fitters, they’ll take care of your motor mover without costing you any time of yours. You’ll have your motor mover fitted at your home.

You have bought a motor mover, but you don’t want to damage it:

Remember the discussion between John & Harry you’ve read above? When Harry was trying to fit his motor mover himself & John was restricting him from doing it. If Harry had attempted to meet his motor mover himself; he probably would have damaged the mover. You don’t have to take the risk either. A motor mover has some delicate parts & engineering design. It needs proper tools to install it to your caravan. Some people try to fix it themselves, & end up damaging some part of it. Some companies consider it’s motor mover’s warranty void or not applicable, in case, it hasn’t been installed by a professional. You surely don’t want your warranty to be useless right? Hiring a professional team will not only have your motor mover fitted at your home but will also make the process neat & affordable.

Auto-Additions is a well-known name in motor movers & installation:

Auto Additions has been serving the caravan enthusiasts for a long time now. It has a wide range of many exclusive caravan products. They offer everything from caravan motor movers to awing, air conditioners & so much more. They also contribute to having your motor movers fitted at your home by their qualified & registered engineer.


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