Why Off Duty Police Officer Security Is Better Than A Security Guard?

off duty police officer security

There are many reasons that made people think they have to hire off duty police officer security. Not you can hire an officer for your personal security or for your family or for the business. But while hiring an officer, you have to make sure the person is right for this job. You don’t want a person who just pretends to be the best. So, the time you hire the company for officer security, make sure to take every detail about the work they have done in the past. Once you feel satisfied and get sure the specific officer is for you, only then finalize everything.

Now many don’t know that whey off duty police officers are better than the security guard. Here you will learn some reasons that will tell you the difference and give you a better understanding of both. After that, you are free to make your choice.

Off duty police officer has better training:

No one can give you security if they don’t have proper training. You are training to deal with intense situations. You will not like to invest your money on the guard that will not fulfill the purpose.

  • The security guards don’t go through hard training. They learn basic things that are not enough. Even if they went through the course, still their skills are not enough.
  • But off duty police officer training is special. They were not able to get a single badge if they fail any of the tests. Even after they reach a specific position, they have to go through training again and again. You can say there is no rest for them. They were able to learn new things all along. It makes them better and efficient. Even when they join any force, they get a chance to display the skills that make them even more special.

Off duty police officer has a law enforcement experience:

The off duty police officer has the training about law enforcement. When they are on duty, they have to go on different mission’s time to time. It gives them a better idea of things. Even if you learn law enforcement in the book, you only learn it better when you experience things. It is something that simple security guards don’t have. The security guard never gets enough exposure. They face some problems once, and even that is not serious enough. So, at the time they have to react on duty, they fail sometimes.

You are hiring a professional for a reason, so it is obvious that you will not like to take a chance. So, make the best of the opportunity you have and made the right choice.

Off duty police officers get authority:

The security guard doesn’t have much authority. If they find someone suspicious, they don’t have a right to arrest them. They can ask different questions from them or try to get other details. Now you may think it is something that a normal person cannot do, but still, it is not enough. Sometimes you have to make a difficult choice which even if you don’t have any proof which a security guard can’t.

The good thing about police officer is that it doesn’t matter to them whether they are on duty or not, if they feel something is not right, they can arrest. Even they get support from other officers too. It is something that provides more relief to the person who needs a police officer for personal security. The fee of the police officer might be a bit high than a security guard, but the benefits are a lot more too.

Off duty police officers respond quickly:

There are some situations in which there is not much time to think. Here the experience of the off duty police officer counts. They make the right decision, even in seconds. All credit goes to past experiences. So, by all means, the security guard is not the best if you have enough to spend.


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