Why Electric Wheelchair In Pakistan Is Better Than A Manual Wheelchair?

electric wheelchair in Pakistan

Looking for the electric wheelchair in Pakistan? You have some choices because many companies are producing such wheelchairs with different features. The wheelchair is a key to move from a place to another place for a disabled person. It is a useful machine that has played a vital role all over the world.

Old days, the wheelchairs were manual due to which the people have faced some serious problems while using it. Those people who are disabled from the legs and shoulders could not run the wheelchair. Whereas, those people who could run it also were not comfortable with it. Because it required extra energy and In unnecessary movements that were difficult for disabled persons. Therefore the electric wheelchair was introduced. George Klein invented the electric powered wheelchair. He performed his services for the National Research Council of Canada to Help the injured veterans in World War ll. It was a great invention that is now being used all over the world. Different companies are now producing electric wheelchair in Pakistan.

Electric Wheelchair In Pakistan And Its Price

No doubt, an electric power wheelchair is very useful for the disabled people because it has different features that make it easier to use and faster. If we compare the functions of the manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair we can find almost all the elements of a manual wheelchair in an electric wheelchair. Whereas, the powered wheelchair has extraordinary features that a manual one can never have. The new electric wheelchair is very easy to use because we have to push the buttons and a simple handle to control the wheelchair. Furthermore, it is comfortable and durable than the manual wheelchair because of its best seat and comfortable driving features.

An electric motor has been installed in the electric wheelchairs, powerchairs, or motorized wheelchair. The features of an electric wheelchair are almost similar to a mobility scooter. If we give it the shape of a motorcycle, it would be quite tricky to spot the wheelchair from the bikes. It has different powered functions like Recline, leg elevation, tilt, seat elevation, and many more that are useful to make the wheelchair comfortable and easy to use. All of these features are available in the electric wheelchairs in Pakistan.

Manual Wheelchair

If we talk about a manual wheelchair, we will find some points that require improvements. Such as it needs a hand moving, or leg moving to run the wheelchair and it is complicated for a disabled person who cannot even touch his/her legs and shoulders. It has no electric power features. Therefore, you cannot find it as much comfortable as the electric wheelchair is. However, it is also useful if you can move your shoulders and hands but cannot move the legs. You can walk from a place to another place more easily than you walk without a wheelchair. But you are suggested to get a powered wheelchair if you want comfort and easy move even being a disabled person.

Benefits of an electric wheelchair

  • Relaxation to your carers
  • More comfortable
  • Faster than a manual wheelchair

Relaxation to your carers

When you have an electric wheelchair, it will ultimately reduce the burden of your carers to move you from a place to another place. Your carers love you a lot. Therefore, they also need some relaxation while caring for your health if you are disabled. You can get an electric wheelchair that will significantly relax them because you can move on it quickly without any hurdles. There is a variety of electric wheelchair in Pakistan. You can search in the online market where different companies are selling such wheelchairs.

More Comfortable

There is no doubt that the electric wheelchair is a hundred times more comfortable than the manual one. Because it is effortless to use due to its automatic features. A disabled person can quickly move from a place to another place easily and comfortably. You don’t need to put extra energy on using it because it is automatic and doesn’t require any unique human resources.

Faster Than A Manual Wheelchair

As an electric wheelchair has advanced features and latest technology it is quite more rapid than the manual wheelchair. Now you can complete a reasonable distance within a minute that you finish in 7 to 8 minutes in a manual wheelchair. The speed and handling of a motored wheelchair are many times better than the manual wheelchair. If you want to enjoy the best wheelchair experience, then the electric wheelchair is the right choice for you.


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