What Makes the White Kitten So Special?


Explore the fluffy and picturesque world of white kittens that carry some unique characteristics in the cat family. In the list of favorite colors, white stands in the 9th position. But everyone loves white cats & kittens. People have a special corner for white kitties in their hearts. These are small, fluffy, and crystal clear living creatures. They can enlighten anyone’s day. However, white kitties are not only about beautiful white color. These white juvenile cats are bright enough to lighten up anyone’s day. There are certain specialties associated with these white beauties that make them stand out of the crowd.

Important things to know about white kitties


White kittens are rare because it requires a specific genetic condition. You can have the idea about the rareness of white kitties by considering the fact that only 5% of kitties are pure white. The rest of the 95% is of mixed colors or any color other than white. One important thing to keep in mind is that white kitties are different from albino kitties. Albino kitties lack color pigment, so you think of them as white but actually they lack any kind of color.


Overall the cat family symbolizes mystery, courage, independence, and patience. However, White kitties symbolize more specific things like good fortune, purity, innocence, and happiness. In addition to these qualities, these little beauties lighten up the environment with their innocent and lively presence.

Eye color and deafness

White kitten usually has green, blue, or copper eyes. In white kitties, the eye color and deafness have an interesting connection. Studies have proved that blue-eyed kittens are more prone to deafness. This deafness is congenital. Furthermore, the cause of this deafness is the degradation of the inner ear. In some cases, this deafness is partial in some cases. It is a common misconception that all white kitties are deaf. It is often said that if the kitten had different colors of each eye, the eye with blue color will cause deafness in that side of the ear.


Cat coat genetics determine the coloration, length, texture, pattern of kitten’s fur. As far as white kitties are concerned, only the white parent cats can produce a white kitty. Another genetic example of that is two longhair kittens cannot produce a shorthair kitten. Like other living organisms, cats have dominated and recessive genes. These decide the outer color of the kitties. However, incoming generations, the recessive genes can show up. This means if a black cat and white cat (with recessive black color) reproduce, the kitten will be of black color.


White kitties have really sensitive skin. It is difficult for them to bear sunlight in comparison to the other colored cats.  They are more prone to sunburns and frostbite. In addition to that, they have a higher risk of developing carcinoma cells and skin cancer. Therefore, whenever you go to buy a white kitten, make sure that it’s healthy and free from any physical issue.


It is a myth that all the white kitties are females. There is a certain type of cats who are all females. They are called Calico. But it has nothing to do with white cats and their kitten.

White kitten has qualities to lighten up the environment. Moreover, their innocence presence can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Research has proved that pets can help humans in easing tensions. If you are a cat lover, then kitten must be your favorite as well. Apart from personal benefits, you can gift these to your loved ones as a gesture. Certain feelings can be presented through these cute little pets. Moreover, the presence of these tiny beauties in your house can put gentleness in the personality of your child.


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