What makes the vertical blinds Birmingham special?

vertical blinds

A window blind is a type of window covering. There are different kinds of window blinds which use different control systems. The most common being the regular blind with hanging vanes attached to a headrail. Vertical blinds Birmingham are specially made to rotate at 180 degrees. These blinds can be turned inwards when in need of privacy. To enjoy the sunny day just turn them outwards to capture the beautiful scenery. They also come with remote control ability. If not u can always choose the ones which work manually. These blinds are really helpful and easy to operate. It gives a very good and premium look to your office as well as the house.

Why choose vertical blinds Birmingham? :

It can be very difficult to cover the expansive windows of your house. The vertical blinds offer a very easy solution to this problem. Until now the blinds were considered to be the only substitute to cover the wide windows. But today in the market there are many other options as well. But the vertical blinds cannot be considered as an outdated product. They still offer an affordable as well as a functional way to control the amount of light you want from your windows.

Advantages of having Vertical blinds:

Now talking about some of the advantages of having the vertical blinds. Firstly, these blinds offer a wide range of colors and materials to the customers to choose from. As mentioned above as well. Some of the major types of blinds include, the vanes that are long narrow stripes that hang from the head rail. It offers various options for home decor. It can be made of fabric, wood or even hard vinyl. While there are a lot of colors to choose from these blinds are extremely easy to clean. One of the advantages of these blinds is that they are more resistant to staining. The hard vinyl blinds can also be purchased in different sizes and shapes making life easy for the people looking to buy them.

One of the top feature of the vertical blinds in the price. They may look expensive but in reality these are highly affordable and gives that extra premium look to your house or the workplace. A set of the best vertical blinds will cost you around 200. Considering the fact that you are paying this amount for the next 10 years it’s not that high. The average time the blinds will last if used in a proper manner. If you choose a very inexpensive blind you can be sure that it will not last long. The vanes may break and the head rail may stop working properly. So you should always go for the best blind you can afford rather than investing in something cheap.

Disadvantages of having the vertical blinds:

All the things around us have some good points but they also carry some negative aspects as well. Sometimes the vertical blinds cannot turn out to be the best option when it comes to covering your windows. With all the benefits that come from buying the vertical blinds there are some negative aspects too. Discussing some of them.

Firstly, the most common complain that is registered by the person using the blinds is that it makes a lot of sound. When the wind blows and your blinds start to move because of the wind it can make a very uncomfortable sound. The sound of “clanking” which the blinds make can be very unsettling for some homeowners. This problem usually arises when you a hard vinyl or even wooden blinds in your house. Another problem that the homeowners can face while choosing vertical blinds for their homes is, a large stack at the side of the window. This can easily take up your light as well as the view from your window. To overcome this try to buy vertical blinds wider than the area you want to cover.

The users of these blinds often complain that these products are not very durable. They easily break. Either it’s the vanes or the head rail that breaks. The solution to this is to buy blinds with a good warranty.


Another thing that you get after buying the vertical blinds is the versatility. It is another huge selling point of these products. You can move the blinds completely out of the way but also can tilt the vanes to allow as much light in the room as you wish. Not every vertical blinds out there allow this versatility.

Although the vertical blinds have been there for a long time in the window treatment industry. They are not suitable for everyone but can be a great alternate to the expensive curtains in your house.


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