What Is Sofa Disassembly And What Is The Process?

Sofa Disassembly

Sofa Disassembly is the process of dismantling the sofa parts thoroughly from the head to foot. If someone wants to relocate its furniture or repair the sofa, then disassembly services are required. However, if you want to dismantle your sofa then you can acquire the professional services by the sofa experts. Several sofa surgery companies and other furniture doctors are offering these services in which they assemble and disassemble the sofas and other furniture.

Undoubtedly, disassembling a sofa isn’t a very difficult task but it is lengthy. Moreover, you need specific skills and equipment to dismantle the sofa parts carefully and effectively. Therefore, it is better to hire an expert for this purpose. It can do this job easily and effectively with no delay. Most of the people contact the professional sofa doctors and get the assembly and disassembly of their sofas and other furniture. We can discuss the thorough process of sofa disassembly to elaborate on it. You will get the right steps to follow if you are trying to disassemble your sofa.

Process of disassembling a sofa

The process of sofa disassembly is very simple and easy that anyone can follow to perform a safe and sound disassembly of its sofa.

Remove the sofa cover, if available:

In case your sofa has a sofa cover then your first step should be to remove the sofa cover thoroughly. This is because you can easily proceed to the next step or the main steps of disassembling a sofa. Don’t worry if the sofa cover is fixed with the sofa seats and backstay. You can remove the buttons and stitches if available. In this way, you can easily remove the cover from your sofa.

Dismantle the backboard:

After removing the sofa cover, you can now dismantle the backboard of the sofa by removing keel/steel nails from the joints. You need to remove them in such a way, you would be able to re-fix them again. In this way, you can reassemble the sofa again when needed. The backboard is removed carefully then you can proceed to the next step.

Remove the sofa seats from the seat board:

Most of the sofas contain sofa seats that are fixed with the seat board. However, if your sofa seats are separate and connected with the help of screws. You can remove them using a screw removal machine and then dismantle the sofa seats carefully. However, if the seats are permanently fixed with the seat board then you can dismantle the side arms first. When the side arms of the sofa are removed thoroughly, the sofa is almost disassembled.

Dismantle the legs:

This is the very last step in the process of sofa disassembly. Here you have to remove all the legs of your sofa one by one carefully. The legs are also fixed by the screws that you need to remove first. However, when you remove the legs, your sofa is disassembled thoroughly. Now you can move from one place to another place.

Why do we need disassembly on the sofa?

Dismantling a sofa enables you to move it from place to another place easily, quickly, and effectively. Moreover, when you disassemble your sofa you can easily repair any of its parts in the case of any damage. But the main purpose of sofa disassembly is to move it from place to another place. It is difficult even to move a sofa from one room to another room in its original form. Because most of the doors are narrow and sofas cannot be moved from them without dismantling their parts. Do hire an expert whenever you need to disassemble your sofa or other furniture.


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