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Ninja Stars for sale

What exactly are ninja weapons, real ninja stars, and where can you purchase ninja stars for sale and ninja weapons for sale? Growing up, almost everyone in the world was fascinated by ninjas. All-black clothing, stealth, and strong personalities. These were some of the attributes that were associated with ninjas. But what’s more impressive than these qualities were the weapons they used. They didn’t use a lot of weapons. In fact, they only used two weapons to defeat their opponents: the classic Katana swords and ninja stars. While everyone knows about Katana swords, few are aware of the qualities of cool ninja stars.

What are ninja stars?

As the name suggests, a ninja star is a weapon that is shaped like a star. It also goes by other names, such as shuriken or throwing stars for sale. Usually, a ninja star has a few sharped edges. The number of edges can be anywhere between 4 to 10. While a lot of people think that these stars were used for killing people, that is not true.

real ninja stars

In the beginning, they were used as distracting weapons. Another reason why ninjas used them was that even stepping on them would cause a great injury to the person. Hence they used it to inflict great wounds on their opponents. The edges are usually so sharp that they can penetrate the part where they are thrown. On the outside, they were pretty simple. When it comes to their usage, however, it was an entirely different story. Some of the best ninja stars include:

  • Rainbow Ninja Throwing Stars
  • Diamond Throwing Stars
  • Zombie Hunter Real Throwing Stars

Where did ninja stars come from?

The history of ninja stars hasn’t precisely been a simple truth. It has always been debated. Different people remember different histories when it comes to ninja throwing stars. However, there are a few facts associated with ninja stars and their history, so let’s look at them.

The first story of ninja stars comes from back in 600 AD. Apparently, a Japanese prince threw a sliced vegetable at a deer and cut his eye. It was supposed to be the prototype of a real ninja star. However, during the 11th century, the usage of throwing stars became much more common. Shuriken in games and movies may have lead us to believe that they were used to kill people, but remember that isn’t true. They were used to maim people. When enemies were much better equipped with weapons, such as swords and other weapons, ninja stars were used to distract them as it was the only way people could win from them.

Other stories about ninja stars come from Japanese assassins and Ninjutsu clans.

How are they used?

As we have already debunked the popular myth that ninja stars were used to kill people. They were only used as secondary weapons. They were thrown on parts of the bodies which were open to attack. Parts such as feet, body, face, etc. Sometimes, they would be thrown at such a fast speed that after slashing enemies, they wouldn’t even know what hit them and where it went. A particular type of throwing star called Hira Shuriken was primarily used to cause injury to enemies after they stepped onto it. They were quite good to be used as hand weapons as well.

throwing stars for sale

How have ninjas stars evolved?

Unfortunately, as time passed and more weapons started being manufactured, ninja stars took a back seat. As guns, knives, and other fighting weapons made their way into the hands of people. People abandoned using ninja stars. However, that doesn’t mean that the fans of the weapon have disappeared too. Even today, ninja stars are excellent when it comes to defending yourself, and this is precisely why a lot of people still prefer it over several other weapons.

Perhaps, one of the most significant advantages of using them is that they can be used to distract enemies. Throw one to distract your enemy and then either run from the place or attack your enemy from a proper place, depending on the situation. If they hit the target, you have maimed your enemy. If you miss, you can seize the opportunity and run from the place. Another advantage of having a ninja star is that you can use it from far away. You don’t have to get close to your opponent to hurt him with it. When it comes to a situation where you have to defend yourself at all costs, getting close to the opponent is not something you can afford.

Where to buy ninja stars for sale?

Whether you want to use cool ninja stars because it is your hobby, or you want an effective weapon to protect yourself, real throwing stars would be excellent for you. And luckily, you would not even need to go from town to town searching for them. At PA Knives, you are going to find a variety of metal throwing stars and also flush throwing cards. They come in different sizes and colors so you can find the ones which you prefer according to your liking.

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We have complete black ones for those who want to go for the classic ninja look. Otherwise, we have rainbow-colored throwing stars ideal for people who want something different. Most of them are manufactured out of stainless steel, which ensures durability as well as damage that would be done to the person they are being thrown at. We have plenty of ninja stars for sale, real ninja stars, ninja weapons, and ninja weapons for sale at PA Knives.


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