Useful Tips from Man and Van London

Man and Van London

No matter where you are moving your house, in the neighborhood or another country, the tricky part is getting everything packed securely into the boxes. It will also involve some serious heavy lifting, which takes a toll on you if not conducted properly and safely. There is some helpful guidance provided by Man and Van London which you need to follow when lifting, pushing and pulling.

Pre-Packing Advice from Man and Van London

Although the man and van London can help you with the packing. They have skills and experience and can guide you on how to proceed with your packing without having any issues.


You can not begin packing too early. As soon as you know the day of shifting, start your search for boxes. Boxes are never enough. Durable double walled boxes are considered the best in the moving world as they can bear more significant weight. In case you’re struggling to get boxes, you can ask your moving company to provide you with. They have boxes and materials of all sizes that will suit all types of your needs.


There’s no point in taking anything that is damaged, broken or useless to your new place. It is best to get rid of it! If you have not used something for almost six months, you are probably not going to need it in the future. Sell it down to the charity store or promote it online so anyone else uses it.


No matter what you are placing into each box, it needs to be written down on an inventory. Not only effective it is beneficial that allows you to recognize what is in every box for easy unpacking. However, your contents insurance organization could be able to come up with a correct quote if you realize exactly what you’re insuring.


It is an excellent idea to start with your large objects. Once they are into a box, you will see what area is left for smaller purposes which can be appropriately packed around them. If a small object is heavy, place it right into a little box by itself, and don’t be tempted to add extra items – you do not want to add extra weight for your boxes. Overloading the boxes is risky for you, your possessions, and your man and van London.


Keep a stock of newspaper and packaging materials which may arrive with any mail order parcels you get hold of. Wrap every single object which would possibly get broken at least a few times with paper or foam wrap. Browse the internet to look a few innovative tips for protecting your goods in transit. Securely seal them with a cross of strong tape.

In the end, your hired man with a van service will load everything carefully and take them safely to your new location. If you require they will unload all of your boxes at their right places and assist with the unpacking and assembling of any furniture. They will do all of this in an organized way so that you are not troubled.

Helpful tips for lifting are:

  • Keep the weight close to your waist that will take the strain off your back
  • Keep your back rigid without any flexibility
  • Bend your knees and not your back
  • When you change your direction, then turn your feet first, not your spine
  • Keep your eyes in front and not down.

Additionally, pushing is generally safer than pulling because you have got more control. But it also carries its dangers as well. You can become the victim of soft tissue surgery if you are not careful with it. So few things are recommended that you should do:

  • Place your hands between your elbow and hip level and position it properly
  • Avoid twisting your body when straightening the box
  • Ensure secure footing by keeping your feet slightly apart
  • However, pushing can be tough for your back, but pulling can be worse. If an object cannot be pushed, then pulling it advised and vice versa.
  • Use your both hands in pulling the object and don’t twist it.
  • Keep your feet somewhat apart and then bend the knees slightly.
  • Lean back and keep arms straight with movement at the knees and hips.

If you feel like it is a risky business, then you need the assistance of the professional movers in London. They possess plenty of experience in pushing, pulling and lifting all sorts of objects. They got the proper solution and skills you need. So save your back and knees and keep away from all the trouble.


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