Upvc Fascia Boards Are Necessary In The Construction And Refurbishment Of A Building

Upvc Fascia boards

Many developers now use Upvc fascia Boards and soffit as standard, when building or refurbishing a property. It is usually fitted by a carpenter, roofers, general builders, and anyone with reasonable carpentry skills. The one who knows and understand the structure of a roof who can fit these products.

There is no doubt that a fascia board is one of the essential items when building a house. In practically every building, it is necessary to punctuate the edges of the roof the adverse effects of weather conditions that might compromise the building as a whole. While to include such an important item is in no way difficult, exactly what type of material and structure it should be is something that needs more careful consideration.

In essence, fascias serve exactly the same purpose that cladding does, namely the protection of the building. The only real difference between the two is the area that each is protecting. Just as plastic cladding serves to keep an exterior wall and its brickwork dry from the rain, protected from the snow, and sheltered from the glare of the harsh summer sunlight, uPVC fascia boards also ensure that the elements do not cause damage to the roofing and the wooden rafters that hold it up.

The fact is that there are choices that can have a definite influence over such important aspects as the efficiency and the lifespan of the boards themselves and, consequently, the actual level of protection that is provided to the home. These factors can be categorized into three areas, namely materials, structure, and style.


There are generally two materials used. Timber is the oldest of the two due mainly to the fact that uPVC fascia board has not been in existence for very long. Though the traditional fascia material, it is also still quite popular today mainly on the grounds of its appearance, with the light and dark wood finishes often serving to add some character to the exterior of the home. Wood has to be taken good care of if it is to last, which means treatments, such as oils and vanishes, that will the moisture of a wet summer or sleet filled winter out of the wood. Even in dry weather, there can be problems, with the hot sun on a dry summers day causing the wood to crack. The result would not only be that fascias no longer have the aesthetic charm they had, but that they no longer protect the rafters and roofing.


It is not just a matter of material that can ensure effective protection, but the actual structure of the fascias themselves. This relates mainly to the design of the boards, with a square edge, ogee, and bullnose three popular choices. With the square edge type, the panels are rather straightforward in design and can be simply placed side by side along a roof edge. The ogee style has decorated grooves cut into bottom and top of the panels, which can also be placed comfortably side by side along a roof edge.

When replacing timber fascias, we must ensure that the Upvc fascia Boards that we choose is structurally adequate to support the gutter system. The Upvc cover board system is not strong enough to carry out this function without a timber backing board, so it is crucial that we make it clear to the seller that we are replacing our old timbers, as opposed merely fitting new profiles over the top of them.

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