Types of loft conversion in Bromley and where to find them

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The loft conversion in Bromley is one of the most popular and effective forms of home improvement. Taking advantage of the unused space can give us a nice bright room and add a whole new perspective to our house. Not only will a loft conversion give us that much-needed space but it can also add value to our property. On average 30% of our house potential space is in the loft, therefore we should make the most of this space. The loft conversion can be a versatile space used as a bedroom, living space or even as an office.

What are the different types of the loft conversion in Bromley?

There are four basic types of loft conversion. The original design of our roof will determine which type of loft conversion we can have and which will look the best.

Roof light Conversion

Roof light conversions involve fitting windows into the roof at the same angle as the roof so that the structure of the roof is uncouth. Roof lights usually don’t involve planning permission and because there isn’t any structural change they are cheaper and quicker than other conversions.

Dormer Conversion

A dormer loft conversions in Bromley involves extending the roof and changing the structure. This allows more floor space and headroom. A flat room dormer will add the most amount of space to a roof conversion. Some people do not consider them attractive, alternative dormers. Such as gable front and hipped roof dormers view as more attractive. But with less space and they are generally more expensive.

Side Dormer Conversion

Usually, these smaller dormers are built to retain the character of our property. Aside dormer often constructs instead of raising the hip to create a full gable extension. Often these conversions are where strict planning regulations are in force.

Mansard Conversion

A mansard roof is one with two slopes, one at an almost vertical 72-degree angle and then the top section slope which is almost horizontal. This roof style will maximize available space in our loft. Mansard roofs are not seen much in suburban areas. They are usually seen on older properties in cities. Mansard loft conversion in Bromley usually require planning permission and because of the changes in the roof structure, it can be expensive.

Cost of the loft conversion in Bromley

When we talk about the cost of the loft conversion in Bromley, however an important aspect that needs good money to invest. The loft conversion costs include material, planning, designing, electrician job and also inspection and building permit costs. To analyze better the actual cost of asking for the specialist services is a great idea. The services of the loft conversion specialists assist us in selecting the right material, drawing up the plans and also perform our specific requirements. It is comparatively cheap and completes in a couple of weeks.

However, the cost of the conversion depends on several other factors too, like a kind of conversion and the design. For instance, if we would approach the company to convert our attic in a storage area, it would cost less as compared to the prices for the kitchen and bathroom refurbishment. In the same manner, if the design is complex get ready to pay more. Prices of loft conversion also depend on the contractor’s credibility and experience.

Find Companies

There are a lot of companies available in the market who offer loft conversion in Bromley. We can search them online because professional companies have online websites. On which they give all of their service rates with complete details. Companies also offer online quotes for this work. But it is the best option to find a company who first visit our home and then give us the estimate of the cost.


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