Types and Classifications of a Moving Van Hire Service


We all have faced a situation in our lives at least once where you were looking for a moving van hire service. Whether you are moving from one area to another as you are shifting your home or you have made a purchase of a heavier item such as an electrical appliance like an air conditioner or a refrigerator etc that will not be able to fit in your vehicle, we all are well aware of the utility and the significance of a moving van service provider.

However, one of the most commonly committed mistakes when it comes to a moving van hire service is renting the wrong type of company. This mistake can pose a blow to the safety of your luggage and goods as well as cost you huge amount of money that you are not supposed to be spending normally. In order to avoid making these silly mistakes, you should be well aware of the purpose and the need for the different types of moving vans. This article provides a comprehensive informative guide on the purpose and utility of different types of moving vans so you can pick the right type of the moving van.

  • Moving Vans with Local Transportation:

When you rent a moving van for local transportation it will help you transport goods within the same state. Hiring this particular type of moving van is especially helpful when you need to get a heavier item such as furniture that you might have purchased or moving from one house to another that are located near one another. This type of service provider will not move the goods out of a particular area.

  • Moving Vans For Large Distance Transportation:

If you are moving from one place to another and the distance between the departure area and the destination area is larger you might need this type of moving van hire. Such moving van service providers can help you transport stuff from one state to another. Such companies are more experienced and provide long distance services as compared to the moving vans for local transportation.

  • Packing and Disassembly Services Included:

These moving van service providers also provide help to pack and disassemble things in case of you moving a house. These service providers are very helpful as it is a well-known fact that shifting and moving a house is a tiring task and you need help to finish the work on time. If you hire these service providers a team will be sent over to your place which will disassemble the furniture items and pack the rest of the things that need to be moved. They will also label and make lists of the things and once the packing is finished the team will help you load the things into the moving van. Upon reaching the destination the team will again help you unload the stuff and then they will help you unpack the stuff. However, you need to be careful that you pay special attention to the insurance of the things when you hire this type of service providers. Make a comprehensive list of the goods that are being transported so that you can check everything has been moved successfully and nothing is damaged or missing.

  • Moving Truck Service Provider With or Without Driver:

Some service providers also let you choose whether you want to hire a driver along with the moving van or you will rent the moving van without the driver. If you choose to get the moving van with a driver you might be charged some additional amount in lieu of the driver’s charges.


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