Trendy Crushed Velvet Beds Will Boost the Charisma of Your Bedroom

Crushed Velvet Beds

Nowadays Crushed velvet beds are very much in trend. In a home bedroom is the main focal point.  A comfortable, lavish and luxury bedroom is a symbol of a classy home. To make your home look adorable it is very necessary to choose upholstery very carefully. Actually, there are so many ideas available in the market that confuse a person that what kind of furniture one should select for his home. It can become a simple decision if you have an appropriate knowledge about some latest trends.

Make your bedroom shiny with crushed velvet beds

A velvet crushed bed is the latest modification in the trends of bed designs. It is basically a frame that is covered by velvet. A wooden frame is first of all filled with certain fibers to form a soft and comfortable padding than the whole compact pack is covered with velvet. In this way, a charming, beautiful, durable and reliable velvet crushed bed is prepared. If you want to make your bedroom shiny and glittery then it is the best choice for you.


There is a flexible variety of adorable styles of Crushed velvet beds is available in the market that will magnify the beauty of your home. Some latest styles are listed below.

  • Walkworth Ottoman
  • Epsilon Ottoman Bed
  • Kaydian Barnard TV bed
  • Birlea Castello bed

Walkworth Ottoman:

Walkworth Ottoman is the most elegant form of crushed velvet bed. It is suitable for master bedrooms. It comprises a thick velvety back. Spread cushions and pillows, with a dark generally blue platform that serves for storage purpose as well. Below the mattress chamber, almost 21cm of the platform is available for storage. You can comfort, style and usefulness at the same time.

     Epsilon Ottoman Bed:

Epsilon is an elegant beauty. It comprises a winged velvety head back that give it a charming royal look. It will give your bedroom an elegant look. With a top-class velvet finish. Its surface is quite near the floor giving it an extremely comfortable boost.

  Kaydian Barnard TV bed:

Kaydian Barnard TV bed is an amazing modification of velvet crushed bed. It’s not just a Barnard bed covered with velvet. It is an amazing transformation with striking features. Barnard will house up to 42”TV –size D75mmx H580mm. it depends upon model port fitting by the way. It also has a lift facility with a storage space for medium-sized boxes.

  Birlea Castello bed:

Birlea Castello bed is another stunning modification it has a cherished style with a chunky headboard giving it a fluffy look and a deep footboard. All of these features make it a right choice for medium sized bedrooms Castello give a bedroom an elegant look that makes it an attractive piece for the visitors.

This list of styles is just provided to assist you choosing a right bed style that will boost the charisma of your bedroom.

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