Trade your value product by using shipping boxes

Shipping boxes

Nowadays, there are many companies offering you verities of shipping boxes. Todays, most of the people trade their product or goods through shipping. These products are secured in different boxes, as these boxes are used by commercial and private traders. Shipping boxes are strong as they are made up of 100% consumer recycled materials, as well as they, ensure the trades the safety of the product.

Shipping boxes – useful for trading:

Shipping boxes come in all size, shape, and designs to pack varieties of product. These boxes are long-lasting, waterproof, reusable and recyclable. Shipping boxes are used for several applications, such as garments, food items, pharmaceuticals, electronic products, automobiles and cosmetics.

Types of shipping boxes:

There are many types of shipping boxes, which includes;

Regular slotted carton:

Regular slotted cartons are economical and also inexpensive. These are commonly used in shipping the goods as well as in storing different items or things. These cartons can print easily with a single color. You can also print your company logos, dates and other designs with four different colors with the help of the lithographic technique. Regular slotted cartons are used to close with tapes, stipple, and glue.

Full overlap cartons:

The full overlap cartons are ideal boxes with narrow widths. These boxes are available in every size, with a good quality product. You can easily pack your thinner items, whose width and the length is wide. Full overlap white or Kraft brown boxes print easily, with one or two colors. These cartons can easily be closed with tapes and give a clean finishing.

Five-panel wrap:

A five-panel wrap is inexpensive then full overlap wrap. These boxes are made to pack all the valued items such as frames, pictures guitars, and hockey sticks. When you thought of make any variety of product, which is long and thin, then this is the best option you have. These boxes are made up of corrugated boxes and packed your items with care then seal it closed. Five-panel warps are very efficient in packing the items and also it saves your effort and money.

RSC with various flaps:

RSC with various flaps is available in both, fancy and plain in style.  These boxes are good for storing the bottles. RSC with various flaps are topless boxes and works great to hold the products. These are available in different styles, which includes;

  • Corrugated trays
  • Die cut trays
  • Nestable trays

Double cover boxes:

Double boxes are made up of strong materials, as they are used to pack the parts of heavy machinery. These boxes are available in all sizes and shapes. Double cover boxes are perfect for transporting the heavy items and also ensure the safety of the product.

Telescoping boxes:

Telescoping boxes are the best shipping boxes, as they are available in all small and large sizes. These boxes are easily assembled with glue, tapes and staples. The box is made up of the two-piece, one is the cover of the box which packs the box firmly. These boxes are used for shipping heavy products, as they provide safety to your valued item.


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