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Jobs In Uk
Jobs In Uk

Do you know the average time in UK job hiring process is 27.5 days but the best candidates loose hope in only 10 days? The decrease in the rate of unemployment and a rise in vacancies has been observed lately. The competition for top best candidates is getting fiercer every year. Candidates who are the best fit for your company might stay for a shorter time in the market. Don’t take too long to recruit, chances are that you could miss out on your ideal employees. Continue reading this article to know what are tips that can speed up your job hiring in the UK.

What makes the organization too long to hire?

A decade ago, the UK recruitment market was driven by clients, given that plenty of candidates competed for the same job post. The organization too could afford to take as long as they want while hiring. In recent years, the UK economy experienced a downfall. Although, the longer time taken by the organization was in favour of candidates but was damaging to the organization. This is the reason organization want to fast the UK job hiring procedure.

Tip to Speed Up the Process

Before I tell you, the step involved in speeding up the UK job hiring procedure I will tell you about an amazing job site, Frates UK. On this site job offers for students, freshers and experienced professionals are posted daily. Do check out this website if you want to excel in your career.
Following are the ways to fasten your job hiring process.

Choose a job board wisely

Never blindly post an advert for your job online randomly on any website. You must use generic job sites like Fratres UK. They are very much popular and will get you a pretty good result. Also, you have the choice to post your job advert on niche job sites like marketing job sites and healthcare job sites. Go for passive hiring. That is reaching out the candidates whose profile matches with the job requirement of job role.

Create job advert

Your job advert should be seen by appropriate people. Not just too random people who are not looking for a job in your organization. Moreover, your job advert should be appealing. Also, your job advert should be optimized for mobile. About 50 % of traffic on Indeed, which is a job site is from mobile. Make sure your job advert looks good and is easy to navigate through mobile phones.

Use Social Media

These days everyone is active on social media. Social Media is the best platform to convey your message, whether a job advert. Use correct hashtags. LinkedIn is the best networking site for professionals. Also, on Facebook these days people update their education and work history. Check them out on Facebook as well.

Jobs In Uk
Jobs In Uk

Hire from Within

Most organizations offer summer or winter internships to students. Encourage those students to apply for a new position when they graduate. As it is less expensive. Also, you know the abilities of those students who have worked in your organization before as well and it will be an easier transition for them. They are already familiar with your company culture and customs. The engagement for them will be easy with the senior employees.

Consider Flexible interviews

Try setting a flexible day or time for the interview. Instead of only working hours that too on working days go for Saturdays or during evenings. Travel to the place where there is more chance of finding candidates. You should better opt for relax environment like a tea bar or coffer corner.

Make Use of Telephone/ Video Interviews

Technology has made video interviews really easy, and COVID19 situation has proved it to be a very good choice. Video or Telephonic interview is the best way to judge the background of the candidate before meeting him in person.

Here were the few of the tips to follow if you want to fasten the UK job hiring procedure. In UK technology is very advance you can apply through email on the job and get interviewed through a video. In the UK job hiring is mostly on the bases of merit. Because companies rather focus on the quality of their service or products rather on employer’s relation with the company.


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