Purchase Quality D-Shape Wedding Rings at Cheap Price

D-shape wedding rings

Today, make your wedding more special by buying versatile D-shape wedding rings. Marriage is the most auspicious day of life. At your wedding, you need everything to be perfect. However, the D-shape ring is getting popular day-by-day because of their flat rounded curves designs.

D-shape ring – fashionable and trendy

These rings are flat from inside which gives a smooth and clean finishing.  The rounded curve exterior much resembles with superior court fits well on the fingers. These rings come in varieties of metals, like yellow gold, platinum and palladium. Couples prefer D-shape wedding rings, as they give a traditional and classic look. Moreover, this type of wedding rings is an ideal choice, for occasions like wedding and engagement.

Different Shapes of D-shape Wedding Rings:

Following are the most popular shapes of D-shape rings, including;

  • Double comfort
  • Halo
  • Flat-sided court
  • Concave
  • D-shape
  • Court Shape
  • Slight court
  • Flat court

Multi Colour Wedding Rings:

Following are the metals used to manufacture multi colour rings, including;


Palladium is less dense and much lighter than platinum. It considers as the part of platinum group metal. Additionally, palladium mixes with gold to manufacture white gold. These metals are naturally white and require no rhodium plating. However, the popularity of palladium is getting high because of its sharp and casting characteristics. This metal is expensive because of their versatility. These alloys are,

  • Light in weight
  • 45 % expensive than platinum
  • Radiant and shiny slivery-white
  • Lasting colour
  • Hypo-allergenic

Advantages of palladium:

Palladium is naturally white, unlike white gold. These silvery-white colour are long-lasting and don’t fade away quickly. Additionally, these alloys lessen the maintenance cost, as they don’t require re-plating.  They are popular because of its durability, brilliance and excellent looks. Moreover, the price of palladium is two-thirds less than platinum.

The weight of this metal is similar to the gold. These alloys can easily mould into varieties of shapes to create different designs and shapes. Furthermore, these alloys are hypo-allergenic, as don’t contain any substance of nickel


A most common metal used to make D-shape wedding rings is white-gold. This alloy is popular because of accentuates sparkles and provides brilliance of the diamond. White-gold manufacture with pure gold and mix with other metals, like silver, copper, nickel and zinc to strengthen the alloy. Furthermore, 18 parts of gold mixes with six pieces of other metals, use to make silver-coloured white gold.

White gold is usually silver in colour and gives the perfect smooth finishing. Professional artisans use white gold to make beautiful pieces of jewellery. This type of alloy is the best option, because of their high brilliance and glossy looks. Moreover, in the end, white gold plates with rhodium to give you the bright silvery-white colour, these alloys are the following characteristics:

  • Brilliant and bright
  • Gives silver-white colour
  • Malleable and dense
  • Need re-plating to preserve the tone
  • Gives a trendy and modern look
  • 25% less expensive than platinum
Advantages of white gold:

White gold can intricate different designs, as they can easily mould into various shapes. It lessens costly than platinum and gives you beautiful, and moderns look. Also, white gold is anti-rust and reduces re-plating to maintain the shine of the jewellery.


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