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Jobs In Poland
Jobs In Poland

It is complicated and challenging indeed to pack your previous life in a couple of suitcases and relocate in a new country, Poland, along with your family. Before you take this step, you want to make sure that your efforts are worth it and rewards you quickly.
Not only is Poland an attractive destination but offers plenty of job opportunities. If you want to know how to get a job quickly in Poland, read this article to learn more about Poland’s job hiring trend.


Poland is the best choice for making your next career move. It joined the club of 25 of the world’s most developed economies and is ranked 8th as the best country for female workers. Poland has the highest rate of English-speaking population who know it as their second language. Thus, making it a good place for multilingual people. It is located in the heart of Europe and also has great international community.
Moreover, Poland has the sixth largest economy by GDP in the European Union. In Poland, many prominent global companies choose to invest and open their international hubs, making it most attractive place for job seekers. In addition to having more job opportunities, Poland has a low cost of living and great health care. Let’s see what the Poland job hiring trend is.


Job hiring trend changes as the landscape of the workplace changes. In this decade, technology has advanced exponentially. Paper resume, and cover letter, which were posted previously for job applications, have now been replaced by pdf and word documents that are not sent through emails. The following are the Poland job hiring trend:

Work Flexibility

Work flexibility means remote working at the job. Companies now tend to offer work flexibility more and look for the ease of employees. According to a study conducted earlier this year, telecommuting has increased 115% in the last decade. The majority of people said that it is convenient for them to work remotely in their part-time.

More Candidates Searching Jobs on mobile

It is estimated that almost 80% of people in Poland have smart mobile phones. Now all online job portals have a mobile application. It has also been found that at least 22% of the job applications are from mobile. People now tend to look for job advertisements from their mobile than in the newspaper.

Unique Benefits

These days companies tend to surprise their employees with unique benefits. Employees look for a job that blends in with their personal lives. As for working women, it is a treat to have a daycare facility in their office; all the big enterprise makes sure they have one in their office.
In addition to the facilities that are in the office, companies benefit and compensate their employees, such as giving them concessions on their gym membership, school fee, and foreign trip on holidays.

Passive Hiring

Passive Hiring refers to when a recruiter or hiring manager reaches out to the candidate after viewing his profile on social media or any online job portal, unlike in the past, when candidates used to apply for the job and went through a conventional job hiring procedure. Passive Hiring is a new trend in job hiring. Poland is no exception to it.
A passive hiring candidate does not directly apply to the job or actively looking for a new job. Recruiter and hiring managers are looking for candidates who have the skill set they want in him. This saves their time and fills positions fast.

Improved Interviewing Techniques

They are now hiring managers to look for better-interviewing techniques to assess candidates better and find the right fit.
They have realized that you can not evaluate candidates in only one 1 to 1 correspondence. Online soft assessments and casual interviews in relaxed surroundings are a few of the new techniques.

Workforce Analytics

When we talk about new hiring trends, analytics is a topic that can never be overlooked. Workforce Analytics is an algorithm-based model. In this method, early performance data is collected from newly hired employees and then matched against assessments. This trend is efficient and saves the time of both recruiters and candidates.

These were the Poland job hiring trends that will see in 2020 and beyond. If you want to know about Poland’s most popular and high paying jobs, visit Fratres Pl. You will find so many blog posts on what jobs can make you quick money and are easy.


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