Plumbers North West London can fix all common and urgent plumbing problems


Plumbing is one of those services that are required by every household. Every month or year we face several serious issues related to it. It is a service that can save you money in the long term. But for that, you need to contact plumbers in North West London as soon as possible when an issue arises. Otherwise, you will make the problem worse and complicated.

Although, there are many plumbing issues that you are capable of dealing with it yourself. But you need not worry if you cannot because your local plumbers in North West London are always available to help you out. It will not cost you a fortune in fixing it but will save you money.

Leaking Taps

This is one of the most annoying problems of many households. Yes, it can be very much irritating because if not fixed on the time it can lead to many serious issues like water damage. In result, it will escalate the water bills.

Luckily, many leaking taps issues have the same old problem and that is of a damaged washer. If you want to save cost and are tempted to fix it on your own, you can research on the internet. There you will see a list of videos that show how you can dismantle the tap and replace the washer yourself. But after doing it on your own, you are still facing issues then you must call in the professionals. They will quickly fix your problem in no time.

Blocked toilets

Blocked toilets usually happen when waste or inappropriate items like toilet rolls, sanitary items or any other stuff gets stuck inside the pipes. To fix this issue, you can use a plunger to dislodge the blockage. You can also use the sink snake that will assist you to get around the u-bend pipes and clear any clogs. Moreover, a faulty ballcock also causes problems in flushing. But if everything else fails then hiring plumbers in North West London is the best option.


Low water pressure in the shower

Getting a nice hot shower before leaving for office and at night can relieve all of your stress. It gets more vital during the winter season, and if you feel that the pressure of hot water in the shower has gotten slow overtime, it is because the limescale has built up.

To solve this issue on your start by unscrewing the shower head from the hose and after that the plate. After that put the spray plate in a bowl of cleaning solution, which you can easily find in most markets. On the worst scenario if you do not see the cleaning solution then try the mixture of lemon juice and vinegar. If none of the methods works then it is the time that you call in the experts.

If in doubt, call someone out!

Mentioned above are three of the main problems that we observe in North West London. If you have tried the methods to solve the issue on your own and it failed then contact AquaTek Plumbers in North West London. Plumbing problems can get worse, so it makes sense to fix it quickly and efficiently.


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