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If it is a bold fashion statement as well as a handy self-defense weapon you’re looking for, you need not look further than the choice of brass knuckles for sale. We have in store for you to suit your style and your security needs.

One of the oldest weapons to have ever been made and one that is still popular to this day; a brass knuckle is a small handheld weapon that allows you to strike your opponent nearby. That is why earlier forms of the brass knuckle were used by soldiers and gladiators in the Roman Empire. So they could engage in combat and use it to protect their knuckles as well as wield them as a tool to protect themselves if they were unable to use any other major weapon.


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Knuckle Duster Self-defense Weapon

This handy tool is also known as a knuckle duster, as during a fight or normally, they help secure your hands from any injury and are easy to use in various situations and purposes;

  • These are small and easy to carry as opposed to swords or knives that require sheaths and belts to hold them in place.
  • They are wearable weapons that can stay on you for as long as you like with little weightage.
  • This comes in a variety of materials like metals, bronze, brass, and high-quality plastics.
  • They are a bold fashion choice and are preferred by many people as an accessory especially bikers and rappers.
  • They can cause muscle disruption and concussions to anyone who gets hit by it, making them an ideal self-defense weapon.

Cheap and Light-Weight Brass Knuckles

When you think about self-defense, you think about various tools that can be useful if you find yourself in a situation where you have to protect yourself. In that case, something like a brass knuckle keychain can be your savior. It is not only easy to fit into your pocket, your purse or to hide in your car and house, but it is also wearable which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Since it might be harder to conceal a knife or a gun when you venture out of your house, something as simple as a brass knuckle keychain can be attached to your accessories and kept on your person and used when the need be.

wholesale brass knuckles

Other than being quite stealthy, you can buy a dozen or more of a cheap brass knuckle in the same money as a knife or a gun; which is not only more expensive but also harder to use. With something as simple as a brass knuckle, you don’t really need any former training in combat or self-defense and you can easily wear one and take someone down, or cause them serious pain if they come close to you.

That is one of the reasons that this can be a very useful gift for women because they are the ones who have the biggest safety concerns and often find themselves in a situation where they have to take care of themselves and deter people who advance on them.

So ladies; think about getting a real brass knuckle for sale from our store to keep for yourself when you go out to make sure that no one comes close and that you feel safe stepping out of the house, knowing you have a handy weapon to help you, should things go south!

Fierce and Fashionable – wholesale Brass Knuckles to Buy

While there are hundreds of varieties of wholesale brass knuckles that you can buy, almost each of them is dual-purpose and can be as dangerous as they can be stylish. So that is where a certain design is very popular; cat brass knuckles. They earn their quirky name from the spike-like points these brass knuckles have on each finger, which makes them threatening as well as fierce-looking accessories. This kind of design is very commonly available and there are variations of two fingers knuckle dusters, which look like cat ears hence they are named cat brass knuckles as well as four-fingered ones that fit on your whole hand. These kinds of knuckles are usually popular with younger people who aspire to emulate their favorite celebrities or who like to have a bolder sense of personal style due to their dangerous image.

Brass Knuckles

Options to Choose Brass Knuckles

Either way, there are plenty of options to choose from that can make these knuckles a favorite accessory or a self-defense weapon. Check out these cool options in-store, like the “Self Defense Large Knuckle” in the rainbow color that will surely help you. Spruce up your wardrobe as well as your fighting technique as it is not only colorful and fun. But it is also made with high-quality metal that can fracture someone’s face if they come too close.

If you are the kind of person, who prefers their weapons and accessories to have that dangerous vibe to them. Then you have plenty of hard-knock somber options to choose from as well. You are guaranteed to find affordable and bold looking pieces like the “Black Belt Buckle Brass Knuckle” that is not only a bold fashion statement with the matte black finish and bold lettering across each finger but also because its making and shape can land quite a punch if you feel the need to ever use it.

So head on over to our store and search affordable brass knuckles to find one. Which is perfect for your style as well as your wallet.



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