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job offers UK
job offers UK

Many people don’t like to sit on the desk all day long and chase 9to5 work lifestyle. If that’s you, then it’s time to find out about seven jobs that allow you to skip 9 to 5 schedule and work with your set hours. Let’s start checking details of these job offers UK one-by-one.

Become an Air Traffic Controller

Do you like to work in a formal setting at an airport? If yes, then you can become an air traffic controller.  You must know how to work under pressure because things get out of hand, and you have to make quick decisions. As an Air Traffic controller in the UK, your job is to maintain safety in the sky. You will give valuable information to pilots about weather conditions and flight paths. Your sole responsibility is to regulate arrivals and departure from the airport. The main requirement for becoming an Air controller is to have a minimum of 5 GCSEs, or equivalents. You will get training from National Air Traffic Services, and a minimum of 5 GCSEs, or equivalents, will be expected of you to get accepted. You can earn an average annual salary of £50,000 from such job offers UK.

Rope Access Technician

job offers UK
job offers UK

If you don’t have high altitude or height phobia, it’s undoubtedly one of the best career options available for you. As a rope access specialist, you will have to offer an exceptional assistance level on construction sites. Your job duties involve high-rise window cleaning and building maintenance. It’s a physically demanding job, so go for it if you don’t mind stretching your muscles. You must have to pass some exams and obtain certification to work as a rope access technician in UK. The annual average salary for such job vacancies in the UK is £40,000.

Web Designer

job offers UK
job offers UK

Do you have innovative design skills? It’s time to tap on the digital market as a web designer and earn as much as you work. job offers UK, Many web designers join a company while others like to work independently. They sign a contract with companies and handle their web designing related tasks. The best part of this job is that it doesn’t require any certification. Once you have a computer degree in your handle and are well-versed with graphic designing and computer programming, you can take on any task. You can easily apply for a remote job opportunity and work from your home. Design a great website, but its future maintenance is also a part of your job. You can expect an average annual salary of £27,939.

Personal trainer

If you want to work in the fitness industry, then the best job offers UK available in a personal trainer. It would be best if you had 2GCSEs to apply for this job. After you get your degree, you need to complete an apprenticeship to gain work experience. Your career as a personal trainer is to create a personalized fitness program for your clients. You will also help them in exercises. The right candidate for such jobs in the UK is the one who has excellent interpersonal skills. The average annual salary is £25,000, and it’s indeed the best pay you can get.

Pro Gamer

If you are passionate about sports and have knowledge related to e-sports, you can pick a career path of Pro Gamer. You can earn a handsome amount of money by participating in different events that surround the gaming industry. Before you can join professional teams, you must have to gain some experience. Therefore, you will begin as a newbie player who will join amateur tournaments. The average annual salary is £47,000.


It is another lucrative career in UK. A person who loves animals and pets can become a great veterinarian. You can also work in the veterinary agriculture field. First, you will get a degree in veterinary medicine. You will study for almost five years to get this degree. You must have 3 A-levels and 5 GCSEs for working on such a job offer UK.  Another must-have thing for this job is your registration with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. The annual average salary for this job in UK is £56,263.


If you think you can handle emergencies quite well, you can offer professional care as a paramedic. It’s essential to have a university paramedic degree to qualify for this job. You will complete a three years paramedic program before becoming a paramedic. The set requirements for such job offers UK are 4 or 5 GCSEs. As a professional health care provider, you will be the first respondent to care for patients in emergencies. Your job as a paramedic is to check a patient’s condition and offer him the right treatment course. The annual average salary for this job is £34,000. You must be able to work under pressure to qualify for this job.


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