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Flower Delivery Dubai
Flower Delivery Dubai

The sweet fragrance, alluring colors, and soothing flowers are the beauty of nature. Flowers are the precious thing that is used in every ceremony, and sometimes it is also used in anguish or grief. Its beauty speaks when there is silence everywhere.

Traditionally flowers are used for centuries and mostly lovers professing their love by giving these fascinating flowers or bouquet. The words joy and adore both are linked with flowers as these symbolize passion and affection in your heart.

By seeing the hottest climate of Dubai, it is marvelously changeling to keep the flowers in its real state. Flowers are so delicate to touch and can be destroyed with a little carelessness. Dubai is a desert, and its weather conditions are generally uncongenial to flora as the temperature can reach up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flower Delivery Dubai
Flower Delivery Dubai

Flower delivery in Dubai is one of the best careers, and numerous florists fulfill all the customer’s demands and satisfied them by their professional attitude. The florists of Dubai have immense pride in the floral industry as their delivering quality, innovation, floral designing, and arrangement, and health of flowers are all adorable.

Few Famous Types of Flowers in Dubai

Just having of warm climate, cloudless blue skies, insignificant rainfall are the main factors which down the graph of fertility. This insufficient environment is not fitted for the proper growth of plants and flowers, and Dubai’s location in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula also affects the development and its maintenance.

Tribulus Omanense

Tribulus Omanense is the National flower of Dubai. It is a bright yellow color flower and having no standard name for this species. It is also called puncture vine on the Arkive website.

Red Thumb

The red thumb belongs to the Orobanchaceae family. It is a dark purple bloom in the shape of the cone; it has no chlorophyll, thus no green foliage. The red thumb also is known as truth and desert broomrape, and it is an edible plant.

Red Silk Cotton Tree

Because of the hard climate and weather, the chances of cross-pollination, birds, insects, and small animals are in rarity. Red silk cotton tree has many other names, and it blooms in February, this beautiful flower is about 7 inches long and spread on several feet. This tree attracts maximum attention and is known just because of its beauty.

Desert Hyacinth

It is also a member of the Orobanchaceae family and a parasitic plant. Just because of the absence of chlorophyll, it is in bright yellow and mostly grown in a pyramid spike. It is also called fox radish.

These are some of the popular flowers of Dubai, which are commonly grown over the year.

Arabian Petals is one of the most Popular Shops of Dubai

Arabian Petal is a famous online flower shop which offers some characteristic and the passionate florists provide the top-notch services along with their appreciation or goodwill. The online delivery option is ensuring the high-quality systematic delivery that prioritizes orderly.

Arabian petal also delivers same day delivery facility with an outstanding scope. The excellent collection of floral arrangement and splendid bouquets are designed for every occasion in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, whether it is for an anniversary, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or for any significant juncture.

Top 5 Plants Flourish in Emirates Climate

Few plants are best grown in a hard or hot climate.

  • Date palm is the famous palm in the Middle East, and six percent of date’s production is held in UAE. It is a large tree and tall up to 23 meters with spanning leaves. The palm tree loves the warm climate and grows on deep sandy loams soils.
  • Bougainvillea is a common plant in Dubai, and it is red-purple magenta, and yellow color flowers create an endearing sight in Dubai’s and UAE gardens. It’s a hardy hot weather bloom, and best grow in dry soil with bright sunlight.
  • The flame tree is truly an adorable tree with orange and red petals which enhance the beauty of gardens and add shades and color almost all year around. It is also flourishing in sandy soil and tolerate drought conditions. The flowering season is generally from May to July.
  • Frangipani is a white and yellow petal delicate bloom with an adoring fragrance. Its pollen is most fragrant and is mostly used in perfumes, and these flowers pollinate at night. Frangipani is grown in houses just of having enthralling fragrance.
  • Tropical Hibiscus is an ornamental flower and also known as China, rose in an array of colors, pink, yellow, orange, and many other attractive colors. This flower is best for terraces and balconies as it grew in containers.

The Perfect Love Deliver with Flowers

In the Victorian era, the flowers are used as a token of love and care, and it is well noticed saying that true love is symbolized with flowers and roses. The language of the flower is quite clear if you can understand the theme or coloring contrast. Mostly lovers used the flowers instead of the entire conversation.

The freshness and quality of flowers or bouquet in Dubai are gorgeous, the aesthetic sense of all floral companies and proposal flowers are excellent. So if you want to amaze your family and friend with delectable bouquets, then online delivery of flowers is an excellent option.

Here are a few proposal flowers that will help to deliver your love with bloom.

  • A Red Carnations symbolize love and best for marriage anniversary
  • Gerbera Daisies help to begin your romantic love story
  • Roses are famous for the epitome of true love
  • Lilies signify her beauty
  • Orchids convey the depth of your love

Flower Delivery Dubai for all Occasions

 The Miracle Garden of Dubai is one of the famous flower gardens in Dubai in spite of the adverse atmosphere. In Dubai variety of flower shops full fill all the desired expectations of people, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, birthdays, anniversary or newborn celebration, or any joyous moment the floral shops are performing well.


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