Ninja Star: Uses and Types

Ninja Star

The Ninja Star is one of the many weapons that was used by the ninjas to protect their belongings and loved ones. The ninjas were a group of warriors based out of a village in modern-day China. They turned into ninjas by acquiring special skills with the ninja weapons and without the weapons.

Turning into a ninja required a lot of patience and hard work. Some of the weapons that the ninjas used include ninja sword, sai, nunchucks, bo staff, and the ninja star. All weapons were and are special on their own as they are good for different reasons.

Today, you will get to find old weapons in modern styles. The same goes for the shuriken which is available in different styles and colors so that no one of you gets left out while deciding on buying one. This guide will talk about the stars, their uses, and types.

Uses of the Throwing Stars

Also known as the throwing stars, the stars are a phenomenal weapon. The stars are a weapon that looks like stars but has razor-sharp edges. The sharpness of the stars makes it easier to rip anything apart. The ninja stars are used for throwing at a target from a distance just like the dartboard game. You need to practice hard before you can set yourself out. Having a poor throw could only lead to you losing out on your weapon or getting it damaged.

The cool ninja stars are good for a variety of reasons. You can use them as a self defense weapon by throwing them at your target from a distance. Similarly, the weapon is also ideal for hunting as you can throw it at your hunt from a distance. However, in both scenarios mentioned above, you need to be extra careful and must throw the stars with precision.

Another use of the stars is that of cosplay items. If you are dressed like a ninja you can carry the stars along with you. It will complete your get up and will amaze everyone. The stars, just like any other weapon, tend to be great items to collect. You can add the stars to your collection and people will surely be amazed by the historical weapon you have. 

Types of Cool Ninja Stars

There are a variety of ninja stars for sale and finding one could be a problem for you. This section will talk about some cool ninja stars that you should be looking for while searching for one.

  • American Flag, Rainbow and Dragon Weapon

These ninja weapons are some of the best because they feature cool designs. If you are patriotic the American flag weapon is meant for you as it has the flag designed on top. Along with protecting you, you get a weapon to display your patriotism. 

The rainbow weapon features a cool rainbow design that shines like a rainbow. This aspect makes it a very famous weapon amongst females. The dragon stars are stars that feature cool rainbow designs that give you a true feel of the ninja weapon used back then. If you love history, this weapon is for you. 

  • Zombie Hunter Star

The zombie hunter star is a weapon that is being offered by a famous brand, Z—hunter. The weapon is ideal for ripping enemies apart just like you may have seen in zombie movies. Along with a top quality build, the weapons from the brand come with cool patterns and colors so that you get to choose one easily.

Real Ninja Stars


  • Card Weapon

The card weapon is a weapon just like the throwing knives and throwing stars. The only difference is that you will be throwing cards instead of stars and knives. This is a very cool feature as it can be used as a collectible and a self defense weapon when needed. 

There are many other stars that are available without designs such as black, silver, and titanium stars. Most of the stars come with pouches so that they do not get damaged and you do not get hurt accidentally. You also get to find a throwing stars set that includes more than one star in one pack. All of the weapons listed above are good in quality and will never let you down in your hard times. 

Buy Ninja Stars Today at Discounted Rates

Now that you know a good deal about the stars, their uses, and types, let us get you acquainted with their prices. The stars are available at very affordable prices. You can either buy one or can buy them in bulk to make a profit out of them. Buying in bulk will be profitable as you get more discounted prices. Check out the collection of real ninja stars available and buy your ninja star today.


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