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: wheelchair price in Pakistan

Wheelchair and uses:

The Wheelchair Price In Pakistan has become a necessity these days. It has many applications. It has become useful for physically disabled persons. It has put life back into those who have some physical problems. It has many benefits for senior citizens. It has made them independent, to feel the comfort, and to enjoy life. The senior citizens also become independent and, therefore, have a chance to enjoy their life.

During their 50’s most of the people faced with some diseases. This includes arthritis and osteoporosis. These diseases cause a more significant reduction in the muscle and bones strong. Therefore, such old citizens lost their agility and cannot hold themselves. They need some support and even in some cases, cannot walk. Hence wheelchair comes to play its role in such a situation. It provides luxury to such people to come out and see the beautiful world.

The wheelchair supports such people who lose their ability to move in their legs. It is easy to handle. In its simplest type, you have to run it through its tyres. However, with the evolving technology and change in the environment, many companies are even manufacturing robotic and automated wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are now being very popular. Because it also reduces the need to push the wheels to move forward. The old citizens can now enjoy the automatic ride. The automated system is straightforward. Everyone can understand it in a better and efficient way.

Benefits of different wheelchairs and prices:  

There are a large number of benefits associated with the usage of the wheelchairs. This has resulted in increasing demand for the wheelchairs. Due to this increasing demand, different companies are manufacturing different forms and designs of wheelchairs day in and day out. Such companies try to provide the best comfort to their customers. This tactic helps these companies to raise their revenues.

However, some benefits associated with the wheelchairs are as under:

  • Mobility
  • Independence
  • Comfort
  • Enjoyed activities
  • Increased socialisation


The most important advantage related to the wheelchair that provides versatility to its users. These users are disabled or old persons. In everyone’s life, there can be some accidents that can turn your healthy living to a disturbed life where you need the support of others even to walk. Some people become much depressed after such disasters. They find themselves as a burden on their relatives and partners. But the wheelchair has the benefit that it has our life into such persons. They can now move from one place to the other. Hence, they can now enjoy life. Likewise, the wheelchair provides a source of mobility to such disabled persons.


Usually, a disabled or old person is dependent upon his relatives and partners to move from one place to the other. He has to call his home mates even for small and minor things. Hence, he has become dependent entirely on his partners to do every task of his life. This could lead him to depression, and he considers himself as a burden on others. But the wheelchairs have made this thought a mere illusion. The wheelchairs have put life back to such person life, and they have become independent to perform every task of their life.


In early times, whenever, people faced with some accidents and lose their ability to walk, they become independent on others to walk. Likewise, in some of the cases, they have to use other alternatives to walk even sometimes, they have to use the walking sticks. This sort of support for a walk is uncomfortable. Because you have to hold the walking sticks continuously. This can be problematic for old citizens. But the wheelchair provides comfort in this regard to the former citizens.

Enjoyed activities and socialisation:

The old citizens after losing their agility thought that they could never experience the same life as they were in the past. They also have the fear that this would impact their social circle also. Because with lesser meetings with their friends and relatives could affect their relationship with them. Likewise, it could also change their social life. But the wheelchairs have put these irrational thoughts to the rest and put life back into the old citizens. Now they can enjoy their social life and activities.

Types of wheelchairs and their prices:

There are different types of wheelchairs. Each of the classes is suitable for their specific purpose. Disabled or old persons prefer different types of wheelchairs. This is by their choice. However, some of the types of wheelchairs and their prices are as follows:

  • Steel wheelchair ( 8000)
  • Aluminium chair (20000-80000)
  • Transfer wheelchair (5000-20000).
  • Simple wheelchair (8000).
  • Gobee wheelchair (ranging between 20000-80000)
  • Folding wheelchair (3200)
  • Commode wheelchair (5000-25000).


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