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cooker installation
cooker installation

Cooker installation is a process that requires a specialist. A person that knows with every cooker installation gas safety is essential. A professional should check all the gas safety equipment’s after the cooker is attached to the gas supply and many other things.

Duties of a cooker installation specialists:

Hiring an adequately certified person when it comes to cooker installation is essential. It may not seem like a very complicated task at first, but it is opposite. This procedure not just requires the connection of gas supply to your new cooker but to do some critical safety tests as well. That is where you will get to know the importance of a specialist. As a trained professional, he will know what criteria are essential to be conducted so it can not cause any harm. Some of the tests that are conducting after the cooker installation include a gas pressure test and gas tightness test. These tests require special equipment’s which a not found in a regular household. An experienced cooker installation specialist will always take all the security measures before allowing the residents to use the cooker.

Another duty of a specialist is that after installing a new cooker, he should be able to dispose of the old one. That is only possible if you want this to happen. It will cost you a small sum of cash but save you the hassle of throwing it away. These professionals will take your old equipment to a registered scrap merchant to further recycling.

How to check if the professional is experienced enough:

In this aspect, the government of the UK has taken some serious steps. A work like this should not be done by a person who has less or no experience. This is a dangerous task, and if not done properly, can cause fatal injuries or even worse can cause death. According to the law, all the individuals who are taking up cooker placing jobs must be a member of The Gas Safe Register.  They should always be carrying their work permit with them for viewing at any time. They should have their photo card to prove their identity as well.

If you are not hiring an individual but paying a company to send a specialist to do the job, you should also look for some features.  First of all, reading reviews about the company is very important. You will have an idea about the quality of service they offer. Secondly, the prices of their services should be reasonable. Not too high or not too low.  Lastly, the team in their ranks should be registered and experienced. Follow these steps while paying for the cooker connection service, and you will find yourself a specialist.

How much hiring a cooker installation specialist cost you:

The cooker installation procedure is maximum a one day job. The prices to benefit from these services is considerably less as compared to the prices of other services. The prices for this kind of service can vary from company to company. Some reputable companies will charge more because of their exceptional past record, and some local smaller companies will charge less. It’s totally up to your satisfaction that which company you choose for your need. Special discount deals are something that has been a common feature among big companies. These deals give them a better chance of getting business, and the people get financial relief.

You are discussing the average costs that you will have to spend if you decide to replace your cooker unit. The cost you will have to pay for a new unit is about 5000 pounds, excluding the installation charges. Installation charges will be around 150 pounds. You will have to pay an extra amount of 100 pounds for conducting the gas safety tests so that there is nothing to worry about in the future. For the whole procedure, you will have to pay about 5500 pounds in order to install a new cooker unit at your place.

What do I have to do before hiring a cooker installation professional?

Although you are paying the cooker establishment firm to do your fittings for you, there are some things that need to be done before calling an expert in which you play an important role — the list of things that you would have to do. Firstly, you should have a  three-pin electric socket or a big red switch within 1.5 meters of where your new cooking appliance is going to live. Furthermore, you should double-check that there is suitable ventilation in the room where your new cooking appliance is going to live. This is very important considering your own health. Lastly, you need to double-check that there is an existing gas or electric supply to the place you want your new appliance installed.


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