Leather and Fabric Sofa-which is More Suitable?

leather and fabric sofa
leather and fabric sofa

Furniture shopping is essential when you buy a new home. It also becomes compulsory to buy one, when the furniture you have become old. All types of furniture are important but sofas are on the top of the list. While buying one you will have to do proper investment and keep in mind the interior design of your home. Sofas mostly place in living rooms. It is a place where people spend quite a lot of time. So, other then design you have to choose a sofa that is comfortable too. People mostly get confused in between leather and fabric sofa.

They are unable to come at a final conclusion, as both are unique and look elegant. Here down below features of both sofas will be discussed, decrease the confusion people have.

Maintenance and protection of sofas

You don’t have to place the cover on the leather sofa to keep them protected from pets and children. Also, the process of cleaning and maintenance is very simple. The only thing you need is a damp cloth that is it.

Contrary to that the cleaning and maintenance for the fabric sofa are quite difficult. The stains didn’t come off very easily. Each fabric sofa needs special care. At the time of cleaning, you have to read the cautions first. In short, if you have children or own pets then avoid buying a fabric sofa or keep them cover most of the time.

Go well with the house interior and a treat to an eye

Even the leather sofa is in black color, it still looks luxurious. But in leather, you weren’t able to get so much verity. It mostly comes in plain colors. So, you have to be very careful at the time of selection. If you are the one who likes dark colors and fond of black and white color then leather sofas are made for you. But if you like colors and want furniture that matches the pattern and design of your living room, then skip the thought of buying leather sofas.

The fabric sofa, on the other hand, comes in so many different patterns, colors, and shapes. You can easily find one that goes well with your house without any issue.

Modern sofas age

If you want a sofa that stays the same for years then a leather sofa is the one. As time pass leather looks more and more aesthetic. Even after 5 to 6 years, you will see the leather sofa is looking perfect. You just have to keep them maintained.

The fabric sofas that are of quality also look good for a long time. But still, the time is not near to the leather sofa. The fabric starts ripping after some time. It will not even complete its age if you are unable to keep them clean and protected.

leather and fabric sofa
leather and fabric sofa

Sofas free from allergy

The leather sofas give no space to dust for hiding. As the surface of the leather sofa is smooth and the dust is clearly visible. Also, you can clean them without an issue means no allergic reaction. They are perfect for those who have asthma.

Fabric sofas are not the best in keeping you safe from allergies. As they attract dust. The surface is not smooth so the dust hides and you aren’t able to notice, whether it needs cleaning or not.

Prices of sofas

The leather is not produced by humans. It is obtained from the animal’s skin which is why it’s not cheap. You have to pay a good amount of money to buy a leather sofa. But the price didn’t bother much when you know other positive facts and life span of the leather sofa.

The fabric sofa is also costly when you try to buy quality one, but still, it is available on low-cost than the leather one. The only fall back is that once you buy it, you have to pay for its maintenance.

Comfort level of sofas

In the summertime, leather turns hot, so at that time sitting on this sofa is not at all comfortable. More uncomfortable at a time when you sit on it wearing shorts.

The comfort level of a fabric sofa is the best. You can sit on them all day long, without getting tired.


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