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latest jobs in lahore
latest jobs in lahore

We all know that nowadays, technology is used more than ever to get up to date. Contact with friends and family, and sometimes use the technology to pass our time. Now it is apparent to everyone that the tech industry is growing, and it is the perfect time to know about the latest jobs in Lahore related to the tech field. Getting a job in the tech field is one of the best technology careers because you will definitely get high pay in the tech field’s jobs. So in this article, we will tell you about the latest jobs that you can do in Lahore related to the tech field.

Database Administrator

DBAs stand for the database administrators, and the primary duty of DBAs is to manage the complete data of an organization. They always make sure that the company’s database will run efficiently and safe from unauthorized users. If you are going to become a database administrator, then it is your duty to organize the company’s data and safely store the complete data. If we talk about this job’s requirements, you must have a bachelor’s in the computer-related field. Other than this, the second requirement of this job is you must know database languages, including the SQL and many more. 

It is one of the latest jobs in Lahore that you can find in the tech field. 

Software Developers

latest jobs in lahore
latest jobs in lahore

The other demanding job in Lahore is a software developer; if you have a creative mind and knowledge of programming, you are a software developer. The main work of the software developer is to create different types of applications and also build systems. For this job, a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science is significant. But the best part about this job is that the mathematics degree is also acceptable but in some cases.

Web Developer

With the help of programming languages, all the developers create online software according to the client’s specifications. Web developers work in multiple programming languages and also in numerous operating systems. This job’s requirements are a bachelor’s degree in any computer-related field and need some work experience. 

Computer Systems Analysts

The computer analysts investigate all company computer systems and different procedures and then plan and design the company to operate more efficiently. However, computer analysts must have information related to IT and also about the business. It is compulsory to become a computer analyst; then, you have to do a bachelor’s degree in the computer-related field. Their primary responsibility is to contact the manager related to the IT needs. If you are searching for the latest jobs in Lahore related to the tech field, this option is best, or you can check the Fratres to find out the other latest jobs. 

Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers have to create new products for tablets and smartphones. 

Like video game studios, advertising companies, and marketing firms, most big companies are now considered mobile as the content distribution channel. Also, the demand for mobile developers in the government sector is very high; they need high-quality products to run their systems efficiently.

Market Research Analyst

The market research analysts’ job is to help different companies understand the demand for people’s products. Which type of people buy the products, and at what price they want to buy it. Other than this, they collect information about the consumers and the demand for products. After this, they prepare the reports. In this field, people come from different backgrounds like some who have degrees in math, computer science, and statistics. But some of them have degrees in business, communications, and also in social sciences. It is one of the latest jobs in Lahore that you can get quickly.

Information Security Analysis

Information security analysts organize and execute different measures to protect the organizations’ computer systems and networks. If you want to become information security analysts, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or Tech. For young people who are highly qualified in the Tech field, it is one of Latest Jobs In Lahore and the best option for you. With this job’s help, you can easily earn too much money, and after the experience of 2 or 3 years, you can get a higher position.


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