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Laser Land Leveler

Laser Land Leveler

As a result, laser land leveler reduces the cost of operation throughout its competent working. It ensures a superior degree of exactness in greatly lesser time. Malik Argo Industries Laser Leveler Saves irrigation water through accurate leveling because water reaches at every end of the field.  It determines uniform seed germination and increases fertilizer effectiveness and resultantly enhances crop yield.

Furthermore, select single or dual scraper control, and options from essential manual indication to fully automatic machine control. Set very well increments of either single or dual slopes at the laser transmitter, and the control system has precise orientation anywhere on your field. And if you need to rearrange your laser, Malik Argo Industries provides the best repeatability on the market.

Useless Water, Get Better Results

Besides, an accurately leveled (or faintly sloped) field promotes even and well-organized irrigation. You use less water, the crop grows enhanced and more consistently, and your soil is retained. Malik Argo Industries land leveling solution provides a survey function that measures, then averages elevations so you can more easily accomplish proper leveling, or even maintain roads and ditch pads as well.

Salient Features Of Laser Land Leveler

  1. Backed by Malik Argo Industries Guarantee
  2. Range: Diameter 1 Km (Approx.)
  3. Reliable Fully Automatic Transmitter
  4. Durable, Shock Proof Big Screen Receiver
  5. Control Box with Manual or Automatic Settings
  6. Provision of Slope S
  7. Heat Resistance & Water Proof

Uses of Laser Land Leveler

  • High precision tractor-mounted laser land leveler for irrigated or sloped lands.
  • Used in mishmash with sensors on scrappers to bring the land to near smoothness or with a slight gradient (as per requirement).

Durability, VisibiLity, Repeatability

Moreover, Malik Argo Industries laser land leveling solutions have been at work for decades, and that knowledge results in a rugged reliable solution delivering great exactness repeatably, year in, year out. You can optimize each part of the solution with the features that matter and are simple to use. All displays, from the transmitter to the receiver to the control box are brilliant and easily decipherable in bright sunlight, with indicators that make sense.

Mahindra Laser Land Leveler

In addition, an unevenness of the soil surface has a noteworthy impact on the germination, stand, and yield of crops. Mahindra Laser leveller levels the field within a confident degree of the preferred slope. The Laser Leveller intensely shifts soil from the elevated points of the field to the low points and therefore assists in increasing the yielding ability of the soil.

Features of Mahindra Laser Land Leveler

  • Advanced and précised laser technology for levelling the field which automatically lifts and lowers the soil. This does not occur automatically in leveller.
  • The electric control panel displays signals signifying a drag bucket’s position related to the over the grade.
  • Normally preferred by farmers having great pieces of land esp. for commercial purposes.
  • Reduces soil erosion and extreme water accretion by levelling the land consistently.
  • Enhanced soil moisture distribution and enhanced germination.
  • Used for fine levelling operations like seedbed preparations for paddy.
  • Land levelling by Mahindra laser leveller results in the best use of water, high-speed working and lessening in weeding cost.

Leica Laser Land Leveler

Besides, leica laser level is used in building creation and survey connected tasks that engage checking the correctness of the level and height of various installations. It consists of a laser beam that is fixed on a support that is in line with the machine and thus measures exactly the level of assorted installations. You can use laser levels for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes. Using them indoors would comprise wall configuration, leveling of heights of doors, windows, etc, and outdoor applications would comprise checking land elevations and checking the alignment of fences and decks. You can use them even for installing water lines.

Leica rotary laser receiver works finest for long distances that are greater than 200 feet and create the most precise results. When it comes to home remodeling, saving time and endeavor is vital and laser levels prove helpful in this region.

Our Complete Array Of Laser Land Leveler

As a result, we at Malik Argo Industries are Manufacturer of Tractor Trolly, Mounted Mould Board Plough, Reversible Plough, Hole Digger, Fieldking Harvester, Land Leveller, etc. All our products are getting extensively acclaimed among the large patrons for their elite designs, greater quality, and dependability. Apart from this, our ability to uphold timelines as well as quality in the collection, providing money-making solutions, and pledge to make the opportune consignment of the orders placed by patrons have assisted us in positioning our name on the list of superior companies of the industry.


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