Kinds of tray and sleeve boxes

tray and sleeve box wholesale

The tray and sleeve boxes is a prevalent type of packaging boxes that have further different types. All the examples of such boxes can buy from the packaging companies. The packaging companies are those that produce packaging material like packaging boxes, packaging bags, and many more similar products. These companies also offer printing services for making the packing more effective and stunning.

Tray and sleeve box wholesale

People that are not aware of the try and sleeve boxes can come to know that these boxes are producing or used to pack different products that are shaping to the tray and the opening and closing of such boxes is like sleeves because these boxes don’t get opened or closed like other types of the boxes. We can say that these boxes don’t have any door that we have to open but to slide the inner part for opening it. We can use such boxes for packing anything that fits with the shape of these boxes by finding a suitable size. The packaging companies are producing these boxes in large quantity and also in different sizes and material. The material is that in which the boxes are manufacturing.

Some essential materials are using in the manufacturing of the packaging boxes and the tray and sleeve type of boxes.

Types of material used in boxes

  • Wood
  • Cotton
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass


The wood is a ubiquitous material that is being used to manufacture the packaging boxes.  This is the oldest material that we use to produce unlimited products. The producers of the boxes make wooden boxes in unique and unusual designs and styles. The tray and sleeve box is also manufacturing in wooden material, and it is very eco-friendly that gives a natural look to the packaging. People love to have wooden packaging boxes due to their unusual and decent look.


The tray and sleeve boxes are also coming in cotton which is unique and customer friendly type of boxes. This is a very lightweight type of boxes because cloth is also fragile due to which it becomes so easy to carry the product easily that is pack in the cotton boxes. This is also a very affordable type of boxes that makes it eco-friendly and everyone can easily afford it to pack its products to sell in the market.


Today, we are producing everything with plastic in which the tray and sleeve box is also including. These boxes are highly delivered all over the UK with plastic material. Because vinyl is readily available everywhere at decidedly fewer cost/prices. The packaging companies also recycle different plastic products and then they use such plastic to produce plastic tray and sleeve boxes after filtration of the plastic. The professional packaging companies provide a variety of designs and styles of such plastic box using the latest technology both for the shape of the boxes and the printing on it.


Metal is quite harder and heavy material than the other ones; therefore, it will be quite expensive than plastic, wooden, or cotton boxes.  But this type of boxes is not so common because the weight of the metal boxes becomes more than the requirements and desires; therefore, the producers avoid to produce such boxes. Tray and sleeve box is also building in metal but limited quantity and companies.


The glass is an essential material that is being use to produce different products. Moreover, it is also using in the production of gift boxes and other beautiful packaging boxes like tray and sleeve type of boxes. The use of glass has been increased manifold because today different companies are using glass to manufacture various kinds of things in which botels, drinks, gift items, beauty kits, and even packaging boxes etc. therefore, glass has enormous importance in the world of fashion and technology.

These are some essential and prevalent types of material that can use to produce packaging boxes like tray and sleeve boxes at wholesale. The packaging companies provide a single kind of box with different materials and sell in the market where we can get the desired type of box in our favourite and most suitable material. It is essential to pack the products we are selling in the market. Because the customer never purchases anything from a shop or company without proper packing. Moreover, the packaging of the products should be active and impressive so that the customer may like it. The primary purpose of a businessman should be to satisfy the customer.


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