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job vacancies in uk
job vacancies in uk

Teaching is a highly demanding and responsible job that’s why many people leave this profession because they are paid less as compared to the job intensity. Teaching is not the only option for the teachers; they have many other Job Vacancies in UK as well in the education profession. In the UK, there are many universities, schools, and colleges that provide a wide range of opportunities to people with an education degree.

1-    Principal:

If you have a great experience in the field of education and teaching then it is the best option for you. The primary duty of a principal is to run a school and look after his administrative duties. He/she has to conduct meetings with the teachers and develop different strategies to increase the quality of the institution. This post requires a master’s or a doctorate. The average salary of a Principal in the UK is £45,123 per year.

2-    Educational Consultant:

It is one of the best job vacancies in UK when it comes to the educational field. Different companies hire an educational consultant that works with different schools and colleges of a county. He provides consultancy regarding the educational model of a school, its curriculum, and different career paths for a student. This job requires at least a master’s degree. The average salary for an educational consultant is £40,000 per year.

3-    HomeSchool consultant:

It is a new Job Vacancies in UK in the field of teaching. A homeschool consultant is hired by different parents that help a kid to meet his academic goals. He does not teach him he makes different strategies that help a kid to secure good marks. You can provide this service online. There are many freelancing platforms where people provide home consultancy and earn money. Many educational institutes hire home consultants. A home consultant earns £30,020 per year.

4-    Curriculum Designer:

A curriculum designer is a master or pro of his subject. He designs curriculums for different educational institutes like schools that help students to meet with the latent demand for a subject. To become a curriculum designer you may also need a teaching certificate. The average salary of a curriculum designer is £28,000 per year.

5-   Child Psychologist:

A child psychologist does individual sessions with students of a school. He helps them to cope up with the burden of studies. He also leads a group therapy session. It is one of the unique school Job Vacancies in UK. Nowadays almost every school hires child psychologists as depression and mental illness is becoming a common disease among students. The average salary for these jobs is £27,123 per year.

6-   Corporate Trainer:

It is the choice of a teacher if he/she wants to come out of the classroom. As a corporate trainer, you have to develop different learning plans for the employees, conduct their training, and give them a motivational lecture. It is a multi-dimensional job. At the start, you may have to start with local and small companies but with experience, you can work with different multinational companies. An entry-level corporate trainer earns £27,000 per year.

7-    Textbook Author:

If you are an expert on your subject then it is the best option for you to write a textbook. You will come across the latest research that will increase your knowledge. It also gives you fame in your professional circle. For most of the positions of a textbook author, you need at least a master’s degree. A textbook author makes around £26,000 per year.

8-    Career Counsellor:

A career counselor helps the student to choose their career. He tries to read the personality of a student and help him/her to select a career according to his passion. In the recent past, this career has developed a lot. Many teachers are joining this career to help the students. The average salary for a career counselor in the UK is £25,532 per year.


There is a wide range of opportunities for teachers in the educational field. Many teaching professionals are doing something different nowadays. Among these jobs, the corporate leader is the best option. These jobs have great potential where you can earn up to millions. There are a lot of job vacancies in UK for corporate leaders. You can visit Fratres UK to check out some teaching jobs.


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