Job Vacancies | A List of Common Part Time Jobs in Qatar

Part time Jobs in Qatar
Part time Jobs in Qatar

People who are looking to earn extra money are always on the search for part time jobs in Qatar. If you are on the hunt for the same thing, then it’s time to explore some common jobs in Qatar that involve time freedom and flexibility alongside good pay. Let’s start exploring them one by one.

Social Media Manager

Part time Jobs in Qatar
Part time Jobs in Qatar

Many brands and companies are on the hunt for an expert who can handle their social media accounts. If you know how to boost up followers and engagement rates, then yes, you are a good fit for this job. As a social media manager, you need to update social accounts, increase internet reach, and get comments and responses. The more engagement you can bring to a brand’s social post, the better you can earn. You must be fluent in Arabic and English to get such part time jobs in Qatar.

A Fitness Merchandiser

Many fitness centers and gyms are looking for presentable ladies who can join their place and sell fitness items and other things. So, if you can handle every fitness merchandise and have knowledge about health, then selling the fitness-related items won’t be a difficult task for you. To get this, you must have a presentable personality as people must be attracted to you before you start selling them anything. Another must thing is English and Arabic fluency. A woman with secure communication and interpersonal skills can easily land this job.

A Language Teach

It is one of the most common part time jobs in Qatar. There are so many language schools in Qatar. You can teach French, Arabic, German, and Japanese in these schools. The best thing about this job is that it lets you get a good salary even when you are not working full-time. Another significant factor of this job is that it brings respect alongside good pay. Many parents hire private tutors who can teach their kids at home. If you become a private language tutor, you can earn more than work in a school or academy.

Hostess in a Hotel

Part time Jobs in Qatar
Part time Jobs in Qatar

There are luxury hotels and spas all over Qatar, so you can easily find part time jobs in Qatar in the hospitality sector. As a hostess, the first thing that a hiring manager will count is your personality and manner. If you have a presentable personality and are well-mannered, you can get this job in Qatar without much effort. People searching for a job without experience and degree can think of becoming a hostess in Qatar hotels.

Your job role includes welcoming the guests, pulling seats for them, and presenting them the menu. You need to ensure that the work area is clean and tidy. If customers have any queries related to food or services, then you need to address them. If there are some problems and accidents in the work area, you have to quickly report it to managers.

Sales Person

Every store in Qatar offers such part time jobs in Qatar. If you have marketing and promotion skills and know-how to increase sales volume in a store, it won’t be difficult for you to get this job. All you have to do is showcase your worth in front of a store manager, and he would like to make you a part of their working team.

Multi-Skilled Electrician

It is one of the most common part-time jobs in Qatar. If you have more than six years of experience as an electrician, you can land on a good-paying job. Many big companies, hotels, and hospitals are looking for an electrician. They must keep an electrician on board, so if there is some damage, accident or defect, then an expert is there to offer a solution.

As a multi-skilled electrician, you will make sure that your company gets the quick solution of every electricity-related issue. Your job is to look after the area and be proactive in your approach. If there are some damages or areas that need change or improvement, you will inform your manager and do what is required to keep the business up and running.


Many small businesses don’t hire a full-time accountant in Qatar. They are always on the hunt for a part-time accountant. If you can handle bookkeeping tasks, then you should apply for this Qatar job vacancy. On such part, time jobs in Qatar, your main task is to record, analyze, and process all your employer’s financial information. You will double-check each transaction to ensure that financial records are accurate. During the tax season, many companies hire part-time accountants who prepare accurate tax documents for the companies and work as auditors.


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