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Jobs In India
Jobs In India

Job distress is a situation of life that everyone faces. In the recent past, the job market in India has shrunk. The auto sector has lost more than 0.23 million jobs in the past few years. According to Azim Premji University, more than 5 million job losses have occurred in the 2016-18 cycle.
And now, the COVID pandemic has become another significant challenge to the job market. During this pandemic, more than 4 million Indian youth has become unemployed.
During this uncertainty, the job portals are flooded with unemployed youth. The top 5 Job Portals in India are:
Fratres India
∙ Indeed
∙ Naukri
∙ LinkedIn
∙ Monster India

It is a million-dollar question for an unemployed or a fresher. Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of job portals before giving any verdict.
The advantages of a job portal are as follow:

Convenient Way:

The job portal is a convenient way of searching for a job. Before the internet era, people had to collect the newspapers and then mark their interested jobs, but job portals have made it all easy.
Thousands of employees meet the right employer by searching through different keywords. Similarly, the employer can also access the specific pool of skillful employers for its organization.

Promotion of the brand:

The promotion of any brand is not the primary purpose of a job portal, but it is a byproduct of this platform. For instance, if an organization gives a vacancy for a specific post. Thousands of people apply for it, but on the contrary, few of them are employed.
During this procedure, many would have visited the website of the company. In this way, job portals also do branding.

Efficient Method:

The job portal is an efficient method to get a job. It reduces the cost and time. Time is crucial for an unemployed person. As a minute delay can reduce his chances of getting employed. Similarly, most of the job portals give free access due to which the financial burden on already jobless people is diminished.

Pulse of the job market:

Job portals also give the pulse of the market. The demand and supply rule is also applied to the job market.
If demand for a skill in the market is high, but people with that skill are less, organizations will automatically offer more salary.

The main disadvantages of job portals in India are:

Online Scams:

Online job portals are full of online scams. There are many types of scams like credit scams, Fake job application scams, and pay for online training scams.
A credit scam is when a company will ask you to deposit a specific amount to submit your CV or resume. It is the most common scam. If a company asks any money, then it is a hundred percent a scam.
In today’s world, data is fundamental. Different scammers use fake job application scam to collect the relevant data and then sell it to other advertisement agencies. They float a job vacancy on various job portals according to the data they want to collect.
Pay for online training scam is a new way of looting already unemployed youth. The scammers ask you to do training before joining the job. Then they charge you for this so-called online training course.
An easy way to check whether you are getting scam is to check the emails you are getting. If the email address is a company registered, unlike Gmail or Hotmail, it is a genuine job opportunity.


Job portals in India have a lot of competition. For a single vacancy, sometimes more than 10,000 people apply. Due to lesser jobs and more aspirants. The competition is increased due to which the organizations hire people at a lesser salary.

 Waste of time:

Sometimes online job portals prove to be a waste of time for many organizations. For a single post, a company receives thousands of online applications. Now to scrutinize the fake ones from eligible ones becomes a cumbersome process.


During these uncertain times, India’s job portals give a great opportunity to the jobless and dismay people. They provide a wide range of chances to both privileged and underprivileged individuals.
There is no need to travel all over India; instead, you can apply for different home jobs. If you avoid the scams on job portals, then it is worth joining job portals in India.


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