How to Make Gilded Edge Agate Coasters


It is quite amazing to note how some of the small and seemingly insignificant things play a vital role in our lives. A very common example of this is agate coasters. The coasters are frequently used in pubs, bars, and restaurants. We hardly acknowledge how very useful they are in keeping the place clean and stain free. Of late coasters have gained entry into household goods list also.

Though have been used for quite some time now people have noticed their significance and have started incorporating them as decorative items and pieces of art. We cannot deny the fact that coasters go a long way in protecting the surface of our valued pieces of furniture. The coasters for drinks are available in a wide variety of colors and designs.  All of us love our wooden furniture as they look very elegant and regal. But careless usage of wooden furniture can ruin it very easily and damage the varnish or the finishing of the furniture.

Maximum damage is caused by soaking of water from glasses and cans containing chilled drinks. To protect furniture from spilling and soaking of water the coasters that have good absorbent power should be used. Agate coasters are very helpful in such cases. They are generally made of porous rocks which easily absorbs waterfalls on its surface.

Coasters are most useful in parties like birthday parties. As kids are bound to spill water and juices offered to them, it will be wise to place some coasters randomly where the kids will hover around. This can go a long way in protecting our furniture from drink spills and stains. Well, this applies to the elders also as we often forget to carry a coaster with us when we decide to sip our tea or juice outside on the patio.

Since the main purpose of agate coasters is to prevent spilling and soaking of water in the furniture. They are made of such material that easily absorbs water or any liquid as for that matter that falls on its surface. Coasters for drinks are usually easy to clean and generally can be cleaned just by wiping them with a piece of cloth. These coasters for drinks are mainly used in parties gatherings and ceremonies.

They are safe, simple and easy to use and don’t require much maintenance or upkeep. Plus they are cheap as well and can be renewed every so often, so it is highly suitable because we won’t feel like it has been waste of money.

Stone coasters can help us to protect our furniture and ensure that they last longer. Do we really think that our furniture won’t be affected by all if we skip using a coaster? The answer is no, because over a prolonged period. They will eventually ruin the furniture, especially when water seeps into it completely ruins the inside of the furniture. When we have a party, imagine the number of guests that are going to be present. We really can’t afford to go without coasters, unless we are planning on replacing our furniture very often.

As the popularity of agate coasters are increasing day by day, the manufacturers come out with new styles and designs every now and then befitting the season and the festivities related to it. There are many designs of coasters just like Halloween theme and Christmas themes are occasionally manufactured to suit the mood of the season. High range coasters are also made for unique use.

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