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moving to france
moving to france

Moving to France from the UK

Finally made the last payment for the new house that you have bought and are ready to move-in. But have you ever thought before moving that how expensive it can turn out if not planned properly? Moving to France is not as simple as you may think. It is stressful, and you have to make a decision about what things to leave behind and what to take with you.

There are some things you just cannot avoid. So it won’t hurt if you have some knowledge about the moving process, especially if you are moving for the first time. Several professional organisers have pointed out the less obvious expenses that come along with the move and should know about it.

Not getting your security deposit back

By not getting the deposit, in the end, can naturally add to the expense. You do not realise how much damage you have caused like holes in the walls, chips on the bathtub and much more until the landowner come for an inspection. These types of damages are hard to cover, and in the end, you have to pay the price in terms of sacrificing your deposit. When you live somewhere for a longer period of time, it is natural that you will cause damage unconsciously, without you knowing it.

Spending more money on a better moving company

Spending the extra money on hiring an established well-reputed company will be worth in the long-run. Research has shown that when individuals are searching for a moving company, they try to save money by hiring cheap offerings. However, they do not realise they are putting their valuable items under danger of getting damage. So it is always good to spend extra bucks and hire a professional company. They will take care of your items and even replace it if the damage is caused by them.

Packing supplies

If you have decided to pack the items yourself, then you need to purchase good quality packing materials. Although, it is recommended to leave this job in the hands of professional packers. However, if you are on a tight budget, then do not forget to get supplies like bubble wraps, boxes and tape. Again, don’t go for the cheap ones, as they will not prove to be good in the long run. Spend a little extra and have a peace of mind.

Purchasing moving insurance

Accidents do happen, and things break. To save yourself from this misfortune, it is better to have insurance coverage from the company. Although good movers companies do offer insurance which covers the amount depending on how much damage has been caused. So it is better to get the insurance which is usually given on the number of items you are moving and how valuable your things are.

Boarding your pets

Many customers have pets, and to save them from the anxiety of the move they have to board them overnight. In this way, they are not only out of the way but will safely reach the new location, and you can focus on other things. However, this is costly, even if it’s just for a single night.

Fees for moving large items

Moving bulky items can cause you more. Some moving companies pay a visit to your home for inspection. So that they have an idea of how much stuff you have before the moving day. Moreover, they will know exactly how much they have to move, pack and transport.

In case they don’t, then you will be hit with extra charges. So if you own a piano, pool table or a big dresser it is better that you let your movers know about that in advance.

Renting storage space

Renting a storage space is an additional cost. Upgrading to a bigger house does not always mean that it is good in terms of space as well. There comes a time when you find it difficult to fit several units in the new abode. And was forced to find a storage space for it until you figure out what you are going to do with it.

A hotel stay

Moving to France does not occur in a day, and you are forced to find a place for a night. Booking a hotel is better than sleeping on the floor and especially after a stressful long day of moving.


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