Guide To Buy The Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Outdoor Home Security Cameras
Outdoor Home Security Cameras

People have been using outdoor home security cameras to keep watch for decades. With the help of these cameras now they don’t have to rely on the grainy VCR footage to do it. So if you are looking to upgrade your security system there are many new security cameras in the market to help you out. Whether you are looking to install these cameras in your home or your shop you can find the best camera easily. There is a wide range of commercial and domestic security cameras that you can choose from.

In the course of this article we will be telling you the perfect way of choosing an outdoor security camera for yourself. Which you should install at your property. We will be discussing some of the best latest security cameras in the market today. So that you can choose one depending on the requirements you have.

Types of outdoor home security cameras:

Although there are many types of cameras that are being used by people in order to secure their respective houses. There are some that are the most popular among the people looking to buy these security cameras. Some of these cameras are mentioned below:

  • Wireless cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Dome cameras

These are some of the best types of outdoor home security cameras that you can find in the market today. All of these cameras have their own set of features that they can offer. Some of these are more beneficial than the others and some cost less. There are some features that are common among all of these cameras. We will be discussing these features below so that you can make up your mind in buying one and finding the best one for your property.

Features and specs of these security cameras:

The set of features that you are bound to profit from if you choose one of these security cameras are mentioned below:

  • Application for easy access
  • Quality of the image
  • Night vision
  • Viewing range
  • Motion detection
  • Storage and connections

We will be discussing some of these features below to give you a better idea if what you should pay for in the future.

Quality of the image:

Most of these security cameras that are available in the market today are capable of recording a 1080p resolution video. Some of these cameras that are relatively cheap offer the recording of 720p resolution video. Furthermore some high end cameras can also record videos in 4k. The video generated form these cameras is most of the time crisp and clear.

Night vision:

Not all the security cameras have the feature of night vision in them. Whereas there are some that have this amazing feature built in. This spec is usually listed in feet, sometimes with a distinction for total darkness vs. some ambient light. Most of the Wi-Fi cameras give you a range of 15 feet night vision. Some high end cameras like the Arlo Pro has a range of 25 feet.

There are some dome as well as bullet cameras that can sometimes offer a range of 200 feet with their night vision. This is possible because they come with big banks of infrared LED’s. Although these infrared lights are not very great at recording in the day but certainly are valuable assets in the night. For the convenience of the user these cameras are designed in such a way that the IR light during the day is blocked so the colors are more accurate. This feature is known as the “true day/night.”

Another thing to consider is that this IR light is also useless if your security camera is facing the window or anything that reflects light. These are some things that you should keep in mind if you are looking to buy these cameras.

Viewing range:

This is one of the most important feature that you should look for in a camera you are looking to buy. The viewing range of a security camera determines the area it can see and record. Most of the times wireless cameras are the ones that offer the most viewing range. There are some wireless cameras that offer a range up to 180 degrees respectively.

When you are looking for greater detail in the footage generated by the security camera cameras with a narrow field of view are the best. Although it is advised that you go for the cameras that have a larger viewing field so that you can cover a lot of area.

Motion detection:

Motion detection is also a feature that most of the latest cameras offer and it is highly advantageous. Whenever there is even the slightest of movement or any negative activity going in in your house, you will get notified. You will get a notification on the app on your phone that is in sync with the camera. This makes for a very convenient option as you have the ability to access the cameras installed in your house from anywhere.


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