Get The Best MF 385 4 WD Tractors From Malik Agro Industries

MF 385 4 WD Tractors

Massey Ferguson / MF 385 4 WD Tractor has a boundary over 2 WD tractors owing to additional traction, superior front wheels, and bigger pulling power. MF 385 4 WD is plain yet influential machinery. This tractor is chiefly used in mud-covered or sandy lands where more influence and traction are requisite. While This tractor is also used in grave construction projects with loaders and backhoe etc. Massey Ferguson 385, 85Hp 4WD brand new tractor is an affiliate of the world-renowned Massey Ferguson 300 series, family. MF 385 is able of performing whatever hard work essential; whether it is an illustration, pulling, or carrying.

At Malik Argo Industries, we encompass Massey Ferguson 385 4WD tractors supply for South Africa and Pakistan. While We offer absolute shipment and delivery of all kinds of tractors in Pakistan, South Africa, and all over the world.

Specification about MF 385 2wd   Tractors:

Massey Ferguson 385 4WD tractor has a lofty capacity as compared to the other tractors which are obtainable in the market. Moreover, This tractor has hydrostatic steering. It generates maximum productivity. While It has numerous indicators that endow with an alarm in sever conditions. While It has the finest transmitter which helps in taking the brake. Massey Ferguson 385 4WD is a swift speed tractor in the market owed to its exclusive features. Moreover, If you want Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD Features, specification, and rationalized Price in Pakistan please call us.


  • Weight Frame without Weights
  • Standard Tool Box with Set of Tools
  • Top Link
  • Cat-I & II Balls
  • Check Chains
  • Chain Stabilizers
  • Spring Suspension Seat
  • Flat Top Fenders &
  • Operator’s Manual


  • Cabin (A/C or Non-A/C)
  • Sun Canopy (ROPS Style)
  • Front Ballast/Weights
  • Adjustable Pintle Hook, Simple Pintle Hook
  • Swinging Drawbar, 9 Hole Drawbar
  • Auto Hitch
  • Hydraulic Control Outlets/Spool Valves
  • External Electric Switch
  • PTO Belt Pulley &
  • International Warranty Tool Kit

Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale:

Massey Ferguson is a dependable name in providing up to date, elegant, and high-performance agricultural equipment. MF tractors have a rising demand in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Malik Argo Industries Tractors and equipment dealer presents Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale. While They are very greatly renowned among farmers in the Caribbean Region. While It is because of their enhanced competence and fewer upholding.

These tractors can as well be simply attached to diverse kinds of tractor implements for several purposes such as disc plough, mouldboard plough, and wheat reaper. We contract in a vast variety of Massey Ferguson tractors from 50 to 85 horsepower capacity at very cheap prices.

What is the main role of the MF 385 4WD tractor?

  • Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD tractor resourcefully lessens the gassy emissions under ECE R49.
  • More power with less utilization.
  • Proven design all-inclusive backup.
  • Elevated Torque with low RPM.
  • Dual Clutch.
  • Independent power-take-off.
  • Good torque more work. Low Noise Engine.
  • Trouble-free to start
  • Perkins Engine 4.41
  • Emissions standards Reduced Gaseous

Technical Specification of Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD tractor:

  1. Maximum Engine Power: @ 2,200 rpm is 85 horsepower
  2. 41 L 4 Cylinders Direct Injection
  3. 30% more traction
  4. 16% more PTO Power
  5. The dual-clutch type of cerametallic material has a 305x254mm diameter.
  6. 10 Gear Transmission 8 Forward 2 Revers
  7. 4 piston hydraulic pump
  8. The gross weight of 2760 Kegs
  9. the overall length of 3810 mm
  10. hand lever-operated parking brake

The cost of MF 385 4×4 can be acquired by just filling up the inquiry form now and one of our sales squad will contact you for the prices and technical specification of MF 385 4WD.


Maximum engine power at 2,200 rpm is 85 horsepower, maximum torque we get is 291 Nm and at PTO this tractor provides 70HP of power. Moreover, Engine equipment use in this tractor is Perkins/4.41 having 4 cylinders with a density ratio of 15.3:1. The cooling of the engine is ready with the aid of a water cooling system. While The dual-clutch type prepared of cerametallic material has a 305x254mm diameter. 12 volts, 96 Ah battery, and 45A/2.8Kw alternator (generator) are accumulated in this tractor. While The utmost road velocity of the MF 385 4WD tractor is 28 Km per hour at forwarding 4th lofty gear.

The highest lifting ability of the hydraulic system with the assist of lower links is 2145 KG. If we converse concerning PTO its kind is live and it provides 540 rpm when engine RPMs are 1789. The 4WD front axle is equivalent drive kind and rendezvous is mechanical. Its brakes are oil-immersed multi-disc brakes as well as have a parking brake.


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