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trilogy engagement rings

Today, trilogy engagement rings are ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. There are many different types of trilogy engagement rings You also might want to consider. However, some women like to wear their engagement ring alongside their wedding ring. Some women will prefer a classic solitaire setting, where one large diamond is the focus of the piece.

Engagement rings:

There are also many styles of the ring. You may want a classic and elegant Solitaire single diamond or a more elaborate engagement ring such as a Halo, Cluster or Three Stone design. Many stores have a vast variety of vintage, traditional and modern designs. For this day choosing a perfect trilogy engagement rings is very essential. Precious diamond rings indicate your personality and your lifestyle with your partner.  For engagement rings, diamond is stunning and gorgeous choice. However, diamonds offer much more than just eye-catching beauty. Diamonds are available in all shape, size and also in various colours.

Types of diamond by name:

Following are the major type of diamonds by name, including;

  • Princess cut diamond
  • Cushion cut diamond
  • Oval cut diamond
  • Pear cut diamond
  • Asher cut diamond
  • Heart cut diamond
  • Trillion cut diamond

Halo Engagements Rings:

The halo ring is one of the most common and popular styles for engagement rings. Halo rings have a centre stone, which is embedded with diamonds. However, this embedding of the diamonds creates an outline or border to the centre stone. This circling of demand is known as “halo”. The halo stone grasps the attention of the viewer. Similarly, the outline flashes the light to the centre stones. This type of rings is cheaper than other types of diamond rings.

Types of halo diamond rings:

There are the following type of diamond halo engagement rings, including;

  • Round cut halo ring
  • Halo ring
  • Princess cut halo ring
  • Double halo ring
  • Oval halo ring
  • Three stone halo ring
  • Split shank halo ring
  • Halo ring with side diamonds

Solitaire Engagements Rings:

Solitaire engagement rings are a perfect choice for those planning to get engaged this wedding season. A solitaire ring is always the first choice for couples. However, a solitaire ring is truly a timeless piece of jewellery, a must-have for every jewellery lover. A Ring is donned by both men and women with great ease.


Types of Solitaire Engagement Rings:

  • Classic Style Half Round Solitaire
  • Cathedral Solitaire Style
  • Bezel Set Solitaire Style
  • Fancy Solitaire Style


We all know the popularity of online shopping websites and their greater discount prices. Shopping has become so easy that if you have sufficient bank balance and internet connection, you can even shop anything and everything from your room privacy. However, buying jewellery online would be a complex decision making for most of the people. Since a large amount of money is involved and there would be doubts regarding the quality of the jewellery pieces, many people let down the idea of shopping for jewellery online.

If you are interested in purchasing a diamond engagement ring online, then make sure that you look only for authenticated and reputed stores. As you may know, online stores can offer you the vast collection of designs and styles from world class brands. You can pick a wedding and engagement rings from that exquisite collection.


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