Genral information about Approved Car Finance

Approved Car Finance

Accept car credit is a national, family run car finance company set up to assist customers in buying a motor vehicle with good, mediocre or bad credit history. Hiring and Purchasing is one of the most common types of approved car finance; it is effortless. You hire a vehicle and make fixed monthly repayments until you have paid off all of the agreed investment. The entire car price is spread across your agreement term and once all monthly payments have been made the car becomes yours. It is a sensible option for borrowing.

Re-establishing your approved car finance :

We like to make sure our customers always feel valued and have found the best way to do this is to be as open and honest with them regarding terms, conditions and interest rates. By being as transparent as possible, we have helped many customers re-establish their credit rating and get them back on track. We work alongside you to repair and rebuild your credit rating. We encourage responsible borrowing to ensure you are not trapped in long-term debt.

Being without a car can be a huge hassle and problematic. You have to go to your job; you have to drop your children to the school or go out buying groceries, Hence in every matter, you need a car. In such a case, adverse car credit finance is beneficial to fulfil your requirements on time. With monthly payments that you can deposit easily.

Types of car we deliver:

We provide Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mercedes and other companies. Such vehicles don’t have a lengthy price so you can afford it easily.

In buying a car with poor credit, you have to save a lot of money, or you will take a loan from the banks. Both these solutions are difficult because the first one is time taking and the other is dangerous in case you are not able to return the loan. So with poor credit car finance, the time you spend without a car is kept to a minimum. The process of applying for car finance could not be more seamless when you choose to accept car credit no matter your credit history is.

  • Apply for car finance
  • If approved, choose a car from any dealer
  • Sign the paperwork
  • Drive away in your new car


So the process requires that you have to apply for the finance when it gets approved you have to chose a car from any dealer. Complete all the paperwork that is necessary and then drive your car to home and start giving instalments as per package. The car will remain a hired one but with the full authority of yours. When you will deposit all the amount of the vehicle the vehicle will become yours officially.

Car loan calculator:

We provide you car loan calculator through which you will remain up to date by the cars prices and your deposited and payable credit. His will help you in remembering and saving your personal information. In case of poor credit car finance, you will get your car on time with such a payable advantage that will make you know how much time and instalments have left.

Our customer:

As a responsible lender and car credit company we will always look into the affordability of our customers before giving them the car loan. We work closely with our customers and make sure they can afford to purchase, run and maintain the car they are looking to buy. We have a friendly staff that deals with patients. Our customer becomes happy to meet us. Because we work to make them satisfy. We discuss with you that what type of car and finance instalment package you want. We take into account your budget and give you real solutions and car finance packages.

Why us:
  • No credit scoring and no fee
  • Deal direct with the underwriters
  • We provide competitive interest rates
  • Cases consideration with CCJs, defaults, previous credit and mortgage arrears

We are one of the reputable names in the approved car finance industry. So you don’t need to worry, trust us we have spent years of experience in this field. You can fix your appointment by calling us or by email. On meeting, you can meet our professional counsellors that will guide you about the terms and condition and al the packages that will suit your budget.


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