Four Uses of Hologram Stickers that You Must Know!

custom hologram sticker boxes
custom hologram sticker boxes

A hologram is a kind of image that is often printed in such a way that it appears to be multi-dimensional, even when it is on a 2-D surface. Hologram foil is a thin foil of plastic that has printed done on it with the help of laser printing technology.

The label material that is used under the holographic foil is often metallic silver, as the holographic images tend to pop more against a bright background.

Holographic stickers are highly versatile, and something more than just flashy and pretty labels. They are a great tool to promote, protect, and authenticate your products in the market. They are entirely customizable and are very difficult to replicate, thus making them perfect for the purposes mentioned above. It is why there is no surprise that they are widely used across the globe by small to multinational Online Baby Shopping brands.

From food to medicine, computer apparatus to security documents, hologram stickers are used to tag and track the supply chain. Here are four of the most common ways hologram stickers are used:

Brand Protection:

Popular brands always face the risk of being replicated, and this risk of counterfeits is substantial in every corner of the world. Custom hologram stickers offer a convenient, cost-effective, and secure way to protect the brands from replication.

Custom printed hologram stickers that are unique to the brands make it extremely difficult for counterfeits. Furthermore, there are special dyes, known as taggant foils, which are often added to the hologram stickers. That makes these stickers extremely peculiar, and only the experts can identify and read them.

Throughout modern history, the issue of counterfeit goods has only increased, and it is worrying at all levels. On the government level, it costs governments billions in terms of tax evasion, and on the commercial level, the counterfeit has severely damaged the reputation of so many brands. As per the estimates from the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB), counterfeit products make up to one-tenth of world trade.

It, moreover, is not only limited to that. The effect of counterfeit products sale across the globe. Felt extensively in a vast range of areas. And some of those impacts include.

When we see the positive impact that these little holograms can make, it is very encouraging. For example, clothing brands like Fendi and Louis Vuitton are now widely using these labels for consumers to effectively identify their original products. In the past, these two clothing brands were two of the biggest victims of counterfeiting across the industry.

Promotion and Packaging:

They are also an excellent way for packaging and promotion of the products for businesses, as they are highly visible and stand out from the rest. They can be added to any packaging, from cardboard boxes to bags, etc.

Similarly, many of the recognizable brands across the globe use hologram stickers. On their products, with the likes of Intel and Microsoft. It helps in increasing the perceived value of the product as well as that of the brand and raises the worth.


Holographic stickers are often using for the identification of different types of documents. From ID cards to credit and debit cards, etc. Since they are difficult to replicate, there is a minimum. The risk of fraud involves the materials on which they are using.

For additional security protection, you can further add the taggant foils on the custom printed hologram stickers.

Brand Identity:

Historically, so many brands have used holograms for protection, but inadvertently, they have become the identity of those brands. One of the most glittering examples, in this case, is the Rolex hologram stickers.

Rolex has used holograms over the years to ensure that its watches are protect. From counterfeit replicas and to maintain the prestige of the brand. Now, those stickers have become a trademark of the prestigious watch brand. And it has enhanced the identity of the Rolex.

As previously discussed, the security benefits of holograms, in addition to them, these stickers. Provide an amplified sense of value to the original product, as well as to the manufacturer of those products. Many types of research have suggested that consumers favor a product that has a hologram. On it as compared to the one which lacks it.

A hologram can offer a finish that is almost impossible to achieve with other types of labeling. Thus helping to entice the customers in purchasing a good.

With all the given reasons above, it is easy to identify the competitive edge. That these holograms can offer to your brand over your competitors. From the initial stage of production to reach the customer, hologram stickers assist you in keeping your product. Secure and counterfeit-free, as well as distinguishable in quality, while retaining the premium outlook of high quality.


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