Football Association Sell England’s National Stadium for £500m to Billionaire Owner Shahid Khan Who Wants To Bring His NFL Franchise to the UK

Football Association sell England's national stadium

Today’s big news emerging that the Wembley Stadium, which is also called the iconic home of England is set to be handed over Shahid Khan for more than £500m. He is the billionaire owner of NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham Football Club. Currently, Wembley Stadium is owned by the Football Association.

They want to sell off the stadium, but many fans thought that their national stadium couldn’t be privately sold-out.
The selling plan of the stadium arranged by reclaiming the Taxes £40m and development £120m funding from the National Lottery. That’s why, Khan agreed to pay more £500m and allow that FA to continue its hospitality business at there, hence he pay £800m. It also is thought that England team may play their home matches at other stadiums, but certainly played their NFL match at Wembley Stadium.

At this morning, when Khan offered £800m for Wembley Stadium FA thought it was a great deal. It is certainly the first time that NFL franchise comes to the UK because of the billionaire Khan, he wants to bring a permanent team to British Shores.
But the deal is not done yet, an FA representative confirmed to the Sportsmail on Thursday morning. All these sources also indicated that the deal is quite an interesting way to pump back into the games by investing £500m mainly on pitches.

FA also said that they would finish paying more for Wembley 2014, exact 17 years after they are able to develop a new 90,000 seater stadium for £757m. Consequently, Khan’s offer would clear their all debts and release the FA from heavy financial burdens.
While Sports England now agreed to pay £120m for the rebuilding of Wembley certain departments like Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport. The official of these departments examining whether they earn the cost they put to build the stadium or not? They are also examining that how the amount of selling any property consumed.

Hence FA set off some demand that Wembley will remain the home of England football as well as governing body. The deal done by the FA and FA Cup final, the English Football League play-off finals and Rugby League’s Challenge Cup final matches remain played at Wembley.

Vice President Mark Waller welcomed by the NFL today and he said that: “We are happy for Shad Khan and Jacksonville Jaguars. Moreover, if Khan purchased the Wembley Stadium it is a driven power behind conquer of the UK sport.

NFL always take it critical to having stadium option at London, 10-year partnership with Tottenham Hotspur, this new relationship would make flexibilities for us in sports. Fulham fans may leave their historic ground Craven Cottage but their club sources recommend that clubs are not moving to Wembley.

The FA also said that they are unique among national governing bodies by owning their stadium and Germany do not. Further, they claim that they have Twin Towers and after they sold it only for £130m.

Sportmail clarifies that FA chief executive Martin Glenn and chain of command want to sell-out the stadium when Khan expresses his idea of buying that Stadium. The FA also argue that it is not possible to sell-out to their biggest source of income that comes after television and sponsorship deals. They want to earn from the England ticket revenue and other events.

Khan doesn’t want to move his Fulham to Wembley, because of he actually familiar with such type of big deals like £550m he paid for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2015.


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