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Disc Harrow Plough

It is Secondary tillage execute with a group (gang) disk of length 40cm or 60cm used after top or disk plow. Parallel to disc plow but discs are equivalently spaced together with a normal axle or gang bolt and clamped mutually through spacer spools so the intact mob rotates as an entity. So logically, no disk perspective and tilt perspective but ‘gang angle’. The field after plowing with disk harrow upshot in tilled soil devoid of any hefty clods and even topography. The discipline after plowing with Disk Harrow Plough brings about tilled soil special of any massive clods and horizontal topography. While It is valuable cutting and amalgamation of stubble and weeds with the better blending of dung.

Mounted tandem Disc Harrow:


  • Light collection
  • Discs are reachable in fifty two.2 X four.56.Forty-eight mm sizes
  • Set in four gangs: front gangs with scalloped discs, rear gangs with undeniable discs.
  • Adjustable gang attitude
  • Bell bearings assembled on self-aligning triple-ply sealed wires.
  • Working depth adjustable from the tractor seat.
  • The adjustable distance of scrapers from the discs.
  • Three-point hitch

Main Differences among a Disc Plough and a Disc Harrow:

What Is the Difference Between a Disc Harrow and a Disc Plough?

Various humans will doubt when they choose to until the unfarmed land, is it more suitable to determine disc plough or disc harrow? It is an antique question and you could discover several humans would like to identify the solution while you appearance online. Also, the solutions are diverse. In the following, we will inform you of the dissimilarity between this two agriculture equipment.

  1. Different Appearance:

The Disc components of the plough are surrounding but that of the disc harrow is jagged. Plus, see the pics to find their disparity.

  1. Linkage Difference:

There are various ways to connect with farm tractors: disk plough is a three-factor linkage-kind, disk harrow has cumbersome traction kind, additionally has minute linkage type.

  1. The Usage Difference:

Disc plough is used to till the unfarmed land and disc harrow is used to until the disc plow twisted to land. While If the earth been curving with a disc plow, the disc harrow must be nice. If it is a rigid, unturn floor, the disc plow would be superior unless you’re eager to make numerous passes with the disc to cut the floor at any profundity. If the land is full of roots and stone, we can make use of a heavyweight disc harrow to plow. Also if the land is a tender light obligation disc harrow can be used as a disc plow to farm the land. So we require determining whether or not to exploit disc plough or disc harrow in step with the earth type.

  1. Design Difference:

The frame of disc plough needs superior structural energy because of its higher rations for soil entry, devastating, and spinning houses. The girth of the disc part is zero.Five-1 mm, and the threshold perspective is regarding 12 ranges. When the disc plough mechanism, the disc aircraft deviates from the onward direction by using forty-forty five levels and the perpendicular route through 15-25 levels.

The stress pressure of the disc harrow is comparatively independent when it works, and its soil turning recital is usually compulsory. Except for the positive force potency, the wear and tear war of words require for the disc is essentially big. The thickness of the edge of the disc is 0.Three-zero.8mm, and the unique attitude is 0-10 levels, and there is no proclivity attitude.

Offset disc harrow:

The offset disc harrow has a heavier gathering in step with Disc and accordingly has the diffusion functionality to break down big clods usually left after disc ploughing or carve ploughing in company grounds. It is of vigorous production, use as set up or trail, and perfect for reducing and mixing of stubbles and crop residues inside the soils. The disc harrow organizes the seed-bed leaving the soil in a grainy form which is the maximum suitable shape for plant expansion. It aerates the soil, helps to preserve moisture for longer periods, and cast off weeds. In sandy loam soils, this implement can also use as the main tillage execution. The depth of ploughing is synchronized plainly via manipulating the offset angles of the gauges. Moreover, By disposing of the handiest a pin, the setup role can be rehabilitated into a trailed position and vice versa.


  • Of Discs 10,12,14,16,18,20,22 Disk
  • Material Specifications:
  • Disc Harrow Frame width 126mm
  • Disc Harrow Frame Thickness of five.5mm
  • The form of Frame might be like this.
  • Seals used proper cloth. Checked in diesel, petrol, warmth, 60 stages, and -05 ranges.
  • Bolts and nuts (cloth) SAE1030, Discs cloth 19CN5, Edges accurately heat coping with
  • Furrow thickness 10mm, Edges nicely heat remedy


There are multiple properties of these 2 agriculture gadgets. We require understanding the differentiation between them before we cultivate the land. We desire the editorial will deliver some useful statistics for you.


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