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drain pipe lining
drain pipe lining

If you are frequently facing issues with your pipelines that are located underneath your home both for residential and commercial property, then it is likely that you have already spent some time find solutions to this problem. Although the traditional dig and replace is an effective solution for root intrusion, pipe wrapping, and other serious issues. However, there is another affordable option that can be used is the trenchless drain pipe lining.

The right method for fixing your pipe failure depends on a few factors like what is the pipe depth and the level of the damage. In a few situations, traditional replacement methods turn out to the reasonable one. However, in other circumstances, the pipe lining could cost thousands of pounds less than the dig-and -replace methods.

In this article, we will help you decide whether the trenchless or cured in place pipe lining is the appropriate solution for your pipe issues.

Ideal Conditions for Pipe Lining

Irrespective of where the pipe failure has occurred either on a residential property or commercial on, the pipe lining requirements or pre-conditions are almost the same. Initially, the pipelining is appropriate for the damaged sewer lines that are located deep underground, and that is 3-4 feet. This method also makes an affordable option for municipal sewer damage. Another beneficial aspect of this is that the pipelining is often less expensive than the traditional method when the pipes run below the sidewalks, driveways and other landscaping features. The traditional method will cost much to replace.

PPipeliningusually cost less than the traditional ones, and that is between 20-30% less. Een if the extensive landscaping efforts are required, the overall cost would be less than the traditional ones.

Sectional point repair

When the damage is of minor level, then this technique is affordable as compare to the dig and replace pipe repairs methods. In this scenario, there will be a minimum requirement of excavation of the property. And the entire pipe section will be replaced that is damaged due to one crack or intrusion.

drain pipe lining
drain pipe lining

Traditional, dig-and-replace pipe repair 

It does hold its importance in providing a cured-in-place, trenchless innovations.

For example, if the damaged or crack pipes are 2-3 feet under the ground surface, then this method will be more affordable to just dig them out and reline them within. This is best for the shallow pipes that are not installed. Or run underneath the landscaping features like driveways, big trees, and artificial ponds/pools. In these scenarios, the labor requirements are quite low. And the pipes can be easily replaced without the need for extensive remedial landscaping.

So the next question arises that how you will know the extent of your damage pipe? And determine if the pipe is the right solution for you or not? The answer is a video inspection of the pipes. It will be performed within your pipes, and it will help in determining the exact range and cause of your property pipe damage.

Determining the Correct Solution with Video Inspection

Drain video inspection, which is also the last and final step of trenchless pipe lining, is an effectual method to determine the degree and cause of the damage that has occurred to your pipelines. By entering the cameras through the opening points, the specialists will route the camera through the damaged pipe. It has a live video feed connected which enables the camera to pick up on anything that might be wrong with your pipe. The damage can be:

  1. Root ingress, through one or several points
  2. Offset pipe joints
  3. Damaged pipe section
  4. Protruding pipelines

This will help you in finding the most affordable solution that will be effective in fixing the problem.


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