Eyelash Extension glue – Enhance the beauty of eyes


Eyelash extensions glue are very popular nowadays. These are used to enhance the length, thickness, fullness and curliness of natural eyelashes. Eyelashes are considered as the most essential part of make-up. It is a pretty pain-less process. These are hardly visible and light weight.

Types of eyelash extension:

Today, there are many types of eyelashes, like:

  • 3D luxury mink lashes
  • TL Mitchell
  • Classic lashes (semi-permanent lashes)
  • Human hair lashes

The main method of applying the extensions by using eyelash extension glue, is sticking them to the eyelashes one-by-one and making your eye prettier and attractive. They are made of some several materials including mink, synthetic or horse hair. Eyelash extensions make your lashes look thicker.

Eyelash extension are synthetic lashes and directly apply to your natural eyelash with the help of glue or adhesive. Extensions come in a bundle of eight or nine individual lashes and each are glued. This process takes at least one hour, if you are taking help of professionals and can take more time, if you are applying it by yourself. Extensions have limit life of 2-8 weeks and fall out certainly as our natural lashes fall out.

How to apply eyelash extension:

There is a producer related to applying the extension with eyelash extension glue, certain points are as follow:

Choose extension:

Before choosing extension, make sure to examine your own lashes first. The longer and healthier they are, the more weight they can easily carry. According to your own lashes choose the extension, which you consider as the best option to enhance your eyes beauty

Type and design:

There are many type of extensions, like synthetic, silk and mink. Mink is the most expensive one and least in synthetic. Usually, the extension length range is 6mm to 17mm.

Eyelash extension kit:

Before you are going to apply the lashes, make sure you have all the equipment eyelash brush, tweezers, glue, and glue remover. This kit of equipment make this process easier for you.

Prepare you lashes:

Before applying extensions, make sure your natural lashes must be clean and free of make-up. By cleaning them, let them dry otherwise the extension may not be fixed with the eyelash extension glue. Remove every trace of makeup around your eyes with lukewarm water.

Cover the area:

Cover the bottom area of you eye with the help of white pad. This will protect your skin from glue or adhesive. This white pad helps you in emphasizing the area where you are working.

Place extensions:

Gentle place the extensions onto your natural lash, with the help of eyelash extension glue. Slowly drop the lash onto your natural lash and apply different sizes of lashes on your natural ones to enhance the thickness. Make sure, the glue must only touch the lash not your skin. After drop the lash you have only 60 seconds to situate it before the glue sets.

Maintaining you eyelash extension:

There are several ways, to maintain you eyelash extension, which are giving below:

  • Comb them every day
  • Avoid applying to much mascara
  • Remove your makeup every night
  • Replace the pieces that come off

Benefits or advantages:

There are many benefits of eyelashes extension, which are as follow:

  • Add volume and thickness to your natural eyes.
  • Look natural and light in weight
  • Enhance eyes beauty
  • Extra eyelash length draws people attention towards your eyes.
  • Water resistant

About us:

We are providing the wide range of varieties related to style and length. We are providing the best quality material to enhance your eyes splendor. Our utmost priority is client satisfaction.


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