Exquisite Round Brilliant Diamond Gives An Elegant Look To Your Jewelery

Round Brilliant diamond

One of the most important and precious thing for women is their jewellery. They spend most of their money on shopping as this is one of their favourite activities. Diamonds are by far one of the most expensive stones in jewellery and round brilliant diamond is a very common shape diamonds in today’s world. However, there are many other types of diamonds as well.

Round Brilliant Diamond:

These diamond have existed in various forms since the 17th century. Their name “round brilliant diamond” is associated with them due to their specific properties. Their smartness, grace and adaptability of these diamonds ensure that these diamond will remain popular for a long time. The round cuts that existed before this has a smaller number of facets which included the cushion cut diamond as well.

The meaning of having fewer facets is having longer facets. When a diamond has longer facets in it, the flaws within the diamond are left exposed. Therefore, basically, the early versions of the round cut diamonds were the truest form of unusual and flawless diamonds. On the other hand, the round ones have a larger number smaller facets. The imperfections existing within a diamond hidden with this cut. As a result, the round cut has made the great looking diamonds available.

Oval Shape Diamond:

Lazare Kaplan is the designer and founder of this type of diamond. He is a very famous and legendary diamond cutter who holds a great deal of importance in the diamond industry. His ability to cut much diamonds of rough shape into the diamonds of the most exceptional designs of this generation made him famous. Using his legendary skills, he was able to develop this oval cut. The process involves a cutting process which is very exclusive to this particular stone.

There are some strict rules that a person needs to follow while cutting a diamond in to oval cut. As an example, the ratio needs to be 1.5.1 every time. However, the oval diamond does not have a specific size or measurement. The reason for this is because the diamond can be cut in any manner but the initial shape of the diamond will always impact the diameter of the diamond.

Radiant Cut Diamond:

Henry Grossbard was the person to design this cut. People mostly use these diamonds in wedding rings or as an engagement gift.  A wedding ring holds great importance in every person’s life. The bride wants her wedding to be totally perfect and every single thing is very important on this day for her. One of those things is a ring and that is certainly the most important one.

The radiant cut has a certain sparkle in it. It is elegant, stylish and rare. Considering the shapes of this cut, this cut is available in many shapes. Most of the diamond cuts are available in either rectangle or round. However, this cut has many unique shapes and it can confuse you which to choose. Before the discovery of this cut, people had limitations on the shape or design of the diamond but this broadened the availability of options to select from.


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