Enhance the space of storage and construct sliding wardrobes

sliding wardrobes

choose sliding wardrobes it is beneficial for you and give your room a modern look. These wardrobes add an extra space in your room because it is fit inside the walls. The sliding mechanism enhances the storage and makes the storing easy for you. It not only stores your clothes but also uses for storing shoes, jewellery, makeup, and other amenities. It has different shelves and draws for storing all items of you but only wardrobe items.

Types of sliding wardrobes:

Opti-panel glass:

Opti panel is the best choice for those who want to create the minimalist look to your room. It is commonly available in light green and white colour but you can paint it according to your choice. An optic panel wardrobe door is made by essential glass and it is a kind of frosted design.

Vinyl covered:

Vinyl sliding wardrobes door are made up of gyp rocks and vinyl is the best choice for fencing and wardrobe doors. These doors are the lightweight that is why they slide easily. Vinyl doors create a polish and smooth appearance of wardrobe doors.

Paintable surface:

You can choose these wardrobes in the different colour of panels. If you want to add wardrobe according to your room theme, professional companies give you the opportunities of this. You can choose it according to the colour of your room wall. It is also available in raw gyp rock panels which serve you as a canvas to splash your creative juices. It is available in tracks and frames.

With mirror:

As a name suggests, wardrobes with mirror come with a mirror. You can also use this wardrobe as other but it is twice useful for you. The glass mirror is attached of both two sides of sliders and these doors are safe. It is a large mirror and you don’t need to adjust new large mirror for you. Because it looks good as a wardrobe and mirror. Some people have small rooms, mirror wardrobe is beneficial for them because of their twice working. These frames are available in aluminium and give you an illusion for more space


Multi-panel wardrobes are available in different colour combination for your choice. If you want to do all the mitchy-matchy thing then it is also a choice for you. The frames and track are available in silver.

Benefits of using sliding wardrobes:

    • These walls directly made into the walls and allow you to use full the space of your room. You can construct it according to your need. it also offers maximum storage of extra drawers, racks, boxes, shelves for further boosting functionality and storage.
    • These wardrobes are available in several designs. You can add different finishes and colour to the wardrobe to change the overall appearance of your room. It also gives you a choice of different mirror styles for your sliding doors like:
    • Partly frosted
    • Shaded glass
    • Decorative mirrors
    • Wood grains etc.

It is not only best for a room but also use in every place of your house band office. Some offices use it for storing files in their workplace. It is also available in the single door you can construct it according to your place and need.


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