England Banish Penalty Curse To Pass Colombia Test And Reach World Cup Quarter-Final


Tuesday was certainly England’s day. It was a breathtaking game. England and Colombia had a neck to neck competition. Goal strikers put their ultimate efforts, while, goalkeepers didn’t lose even single chance to drop the goal. But, fate was on England’s side. Game score till the end of the first round was 1-1, in extra time of 30 minutes score remained the same. After that penalty round was on its way. A penalty was the opportunity for both teams to goal and win. England availed this opportunity and made its way to quarterfinals 2018 against Sweden. While Colombia has to pack for the home with a deep sorrow.

The main hero of the game was Harry Kane, who put England in domination with a first marvelous goal, in the first half. This lead was quite beneficial for England. While Colombia felt themselves to be a little nervous. This nervousness ended up well when Yelly Mina scored a stunning goal for Colombia at 93 minutes. This striking goal equaled the score for both teams. Yelly Mina’s goal sent the game in extra time.

The extra time period was quite exciting. Both teams tried hard to strike a goal, but in this round, none of the team succeeded. So, a match was headed to penalties.

A penalty was a fate deciding phase. Both teams became more active and conscious.  Eric Dier hit the last goal for England and sent his team to quarterfinals with a marvelous victory. It was a proud moment for England. Whole world witnesses their joy. On the other hand, Colombia has been knocked out from the game. Well, every sunset is a beginning of new sunrise. The game will keep its charm intact. So, keep enjoying, and let’s see what will be the fate of next game…


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