Difference Between Gel Polish and Pure Nail Polish

Gel Polish

For women, cosmetic matters a lot and among all other cosmetics the selection of the fine and top gel polish is a science. But it is relatively simple science, the kind most of us prefer. For example, if one person is like a polish junkie; then it tends to change polish as often as she changes her outfit. One can find varieties of gel polish in London.

Our Hands tend to do different types of work on a daily bases. Hence it is necessary to not only protect our hands but also make it look presentable and beautiful. Women love to use different types of cosmetics and creams for enhancing the beauty of their hands. Nail polish or gel polish in London is one of the most widely used items for making their nails look beautiful.  By putting different colours on nails doesn’t only make it look colourful but also beautiful.

People are using nail polish since 3000 BC; this trend started from China, they make a polish for themselves with the help of white of egg, beeswax, gums and gelatin and applied it to their nails for extended periods of time and gives shades from pink to red. These days’ people not only love to do brush nail polish to their hands and feet for coloured or tinting but also like to add designs in it to fascinate others.

Presently there is a more significant improvement in making nail polish from the arrangement that old Chinese utilize, shines are currently produced using distinctively dissolvable making it from vapid at that point mixing it up of tincture. In any case, as a result of this solvents life of a nail-clean goes on for no less than a year before it thickens and you finished losing your most loved shade and making it astute to know courses on how you can drag out the season of your nail clean.

Difference between Gel Polish and Pure Nail Polish:

Gel polish gives you many advantages over other typically used nail polishes. Hence, by applying Gel polish, it can save your nail from, peels and scratches. Gel nail polish is an incredible product, till the time put it on your hand, it continues to look like a new and fresh. It is a remarkable product that many women love to keep it with them.

In the market, one can find the various colour of the gel polish. The Gel nail polish comes in a fantastic hotchpotch of 72 colours. The colours of this are not only reliable, but they also come in different patterns. No matter how one wants to decorate their nails, it gives you all options.

One can buy a  kit to experience gel nail polish. It has everything in it that one needs for that perfect nail makeup. One of the essential things that you find in the kit is the UV lamp. After applying Gelish nail polish on your hand, one needs to place hand in the lamp and cure the polish. This type of polish and LED, or UV lamp is harmless for your skin. For enhancing the look of polish, one needs to use the Gelish soak-off foundation.

One should make Gelish nail polish part of their dressing items because it is indeed different from others. It makes you look dazzled when you go out to the party by wearing it. Because of the full range of colour, one cannot bore from it. It will never tire of talking about your gel nails.

Simple Tips about Nail Polish:

First clean the scum of nail polish so that one can close it firmly because if air gets into it, it makes polish dried. Always remember, for storage purpose put it in cool places since warm place affects the colour and even can cause it to break. For this purpose, you can use the refrigerator; it is the best place for the preservation of your favourite polish.

After knowing about how to reserve your nail polishes, now it is a time to identify what polish one should use and how to use it. One has to select from the full range of the different polishes, like a water-based solution, hypo-allergenic for the sensitive type of skin, scented and unscented, and so on. It all depends on your choice that which kind of solution you want to apply and which colour. But usually, people tend to use light colours like brown who matches most with their skin type. People who have fair looking hands can pick any shade and even go wild on putting in red or black.

What is Gel Polish????

Gel Nail Polish is usually used in the favourite gel polish manicures. These manicures are tender to the natural nail. The polish stays on the nail for a couple of weeks with a high shine, and there appears no crack, peeling or chipping sign on it.



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