Custom Tshirt Printing UK- One Way To Promote The Business

Custom Tshirt Printing UK

Mostly people like Custom Tshirt printing UK. It gives an opportunity to design own t-shirt that is unique and comfortable. People love to dress up stylish t-shirts to look unique. Undoubtedly, people like to design their own t-shirts or garments.

There are many companies in the UK who offer incredible t-shirt printing services. These companies offer services to the individuals and business persons. It is one of the best ways to convey a message to other. Business owners widely use printing techniques for business growth. Often people do not have an idea about the kinds of printing techniques. Therefore we list down printing techniques and its process with the best of knowledge.

List of Custom Tshirt printing UK:

  • Screen printing
  • Direct to garment printing
  • Vinyl & Transfer printing
  • Embroidery

The process of printing techniques:  

Painting techniques provide incredible results on any fabric. Companies use printing techniques to promote their products and services. Few companies offer fast and high-quality t-shirt printing techniques. Every year countless t-shirts are printed. These printing techniques are different from each other.  Here we explain the process of printing techniques that give you the best knowledge.

Screen custom tshirt printing UK process

Screen printing is a traditional kind of t-shirt printing technique. It generates outstanding results. The process starts by creating a pattern and then pressing the ink with help of a stencil. This technique is best to consider for extensive order due to process repeated. That means for each color design a new screen is added. Therefore it is cost effective for mass production. After pressing the ink a printer makes sure that ink gets properly impaled on the fabric. After completing the process of printing the screen would be removed. This printing technique generates outstanding and outclasses results.

Direct to garment printing

DTG printing is the advance technological printing technique. It is best to consider for short runs. Its eco-friendly printing process generates incredible printing output. It provides high-resolution prints on the garments. It also provides softer prints on the garments for a very long time period. Interestingly, few companies have access to DTG printing machine. These companies provide remarkable digital printing outputs according to your need and requirements.  The process of DTG printing is faster than screen printing. Within a few hours, your order will be delivered at the best affordable price.

Vinyl & Transfer printing

The process of this technique is a little bit similar with DTG printing. It is also best to consider for a short run. This printing technique widely used for sports t-shirts, promotional t-shirts, event purpose. Whenever you want to print sentences, number, and words. You need to consider Vinyl & Transfer printing technique.

Embroidery: This technique widely uses in the UK. People like to wear their favorite company’s patches and logos. Many businesses widely use this technique in term of promotional goals. 

Few advantages of professional custom tshirt printing UK companies:

  • Efficient and effective resources
  • Expertise to generate durable and incredible printing results
  • Efficient printing machines
  • Provide custom tshirt printing UK
  • provide cost-effective services

The point needs to consider:

  • Research online and find a professional t-shirt printing company
  • Read testimonials
  • Read company term and conditions
  • Clearly read out the policies
  • Word of mouth and reference

T-Shirt 123 is one of the best and reliable suppliers of custom tshirt printing UK. Our objective is to provide personalized printing technique includes screen printing, DTG printing, transfer printing and embroidery at best suitable rates.


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