t shirt printing

T-shirts? Excited to have them or not? But what if they have designs that you need? Colors and cartoons graph beautiful styles. Doesn’t look nice? If then we should take a step forward to have printed t-shirts from custom t shirt printing. So what are you waiting for?

T-shirt printing.

Basically, t shirt printing is not a new trend. As we read the history we will come to know that old Chinese print their garments with different kind of colors. That was at the time called as screen printing. But not that visual screen but screen used in colors. They used threads and different beans to move colors to the garment. They have stamps like a wood bar. Which have different designs? So what kind of design you want you can have in just a few minutes. As technology got vast styles also get change. People started using different electronics mechanism to print that. At that time it was considered as very expensive at that time. Now it is less expensive as compared to printing at that time.

Different types of custom printing.

As it comes to a custom printing means that printing from a different time of printer machines using different types of inkjet printer. Same as the process of the inkjet printer in offices and houses. But the working amount of that machines are such big that sometimes it can accommodate a full fledge room. These machines use heat compress process to work with. But machines have different types and a different mechanism.

  • Screen printing method.

It is one of the most common types of printing. And it is also sometimes called as silk printing. With its unique style of working you need a garment of nylon or mesh. This material is up in the machine. The water breaking material stop that is which have to be designed. So that area must be covered. Then ink is divided on the screen and that screen covers the whole area. Heat is compressed over that. And you get the desired design. The best thing about that it gives the replicate of the very design. T-shirt screen printing is a need of domestic industries.

  • Direct to the garment printing.

Direct to the garment is the latest type of printing. This machine was introduced in 2002 by an American textile designer. Many other countries get the design. It becomes popular as it consumes less ink and gives more productive printing as compared to screen printing. Matter of the fact that and the main thing to carry is that you get the knowledge of that machine within very specific. A person of very small knowledge can also deal with it. The simple style of working without any kind of works same as the paper printer. But the difference is that you are putting fabric instead of paper. You put a design on the monitor and machine by its heat compressing module produce that specific type of picture on that area.

  • Heat pressure printing

If you want to deal with a small number of t shirt printing. And you want economical satisfaction than heat compressed is the best one for you. All you have to do is to print that design on the paper. That special paper is then compressed on the very soft kind of fabric. Afterward, you have to apply the heat sublimation process by applying to much pressure on that. That design will be printed on that fabric. Simple and time-consuming. The best thing that you will get enough profit from it.


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