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T shirt printing online services are best and affordable at times. It is available in all over the UK. DTG printing means Direct to Garment printing. The ready-made t-shirts are printed with DTG printing method. It is a very popular method due to its many benefits. People like to wear printed t-shirts so that they use DTG printing for printing their shirts.

Print our own picture with T shirt printing online services

We can print our own picture on a t-shirt through DTG printing. It is an easy way to print ready made cloth. Everyone wants his/her picture printed on their own t-shirt. It makes the shirt different from other designing shirts. Various designs are used to make the t-shirts beautiful, but the own picture makes the t-shirt different from everyone. It gives a unique look that no one has used before.

People use to wear t-shirts super-heroes printed on them. Many other designs are commonly used in t-shirt printing. But the picture of own self is quite different from all other designs. The small size t-shirt printing companies apply DTG printing method because it is especially used for small-scale printing. Only a few shirts can be printed at a time through DTG printing.

Difference between Screen printing and DTG printing

Screen printing is comparatively more effective printing method as compare to DTG printing. Because we can print a bundle of t-shirts at a time through screen printing. Dtg printing can be used by anyone even in houses people use DTG printing to print their own picture on t-shirts. Screen printing is used for printing companies, who print a large number of t-shirts.

The main benefit of DTG printing is that it contains less space as compared to screen printing. The process to print 12 t-shirts might take 30 t0 40 minutes that are too much for a business enterprise. There is no minimum order limit in DTG printing. When looking for T shirt printing online services, you can print a single t-shirt with it. DTG printing is a cheap and effective way to print the t-shirts as there is a low waste of water and labor. A person can print t-shirt him/herself.

DTG printing is reliable

Screen printing only is used in enterprises. A person cannot use it personally because it prints a number of t-shirts at a time and it is only possible if there are enough workers to handle the process. In screen printing, there might be difficulty in case of multi-color printing but in DTG printing there is no such case even if the picture contains numerous colors.

DTG printing is cost effective

DTG printing doesn’t need a high setup area as screen printing requires. There is also no need of expertise to start the printing business on small scale. Screen printing is a high costly method as compare to DTG printing. DTG printing can print maximum 100 shirts but screen printing has no maximum limit, that’s why large business enterprises use screen printing. The quality of printing in screen printing is better than DTG printing. The picture may stay in the t-shirt till 50 to 60 washes if it is printed by DTG printing. While if the picture is printed with screen printing method it may stay even till the t-shirt destroyed or damaged.

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