Canadian Immigration Consultant at Karachi


The Canadian immigration consultant at Karachi is an expert who can help you get your visa, application, and passport for immigration purposes, as well as give you information on visa processing, permanent residence (PR), travel, study, work permits, and much more. In addition to this, they can also assist you with your work permit application and immigration sponsorship.

New Pakistani citizens must understand the importance of being an immigrant. This is a requirement by the government to promote national unity and the national culture. This is also to protect the country from external influences like international terrorists and insurgents. A skilled and experienced Canadian immigration consultant will be able to guide you on this matter.

The immigration consultant at Karachi will explain the process of immigration to you and help you through it. They can also help you prepare your immigration papers for an easier process and help you arrange for a translator if required.

The immigration consultant at Karachi has an advantage over other consultants because they have a wide network of professionals, including some who are ex-policemen. They can also help you in finding employment in a foreign land. They can also give you advice on getting a work permit in Pakistan if you plan to work in Canada.

The immigration consultant at Karachi can also advise you on applying for a green card. Green cards are granted for permanent residence in the United States. There are three levels of green cards and you need to know them in order to apply properly.

The green card is necessary for all immigrants because it is an entry point to the country and provides them with an opportunity to live in the country legally. The green card is a permanent residency that allows an immigrant to work in the country for a specific period of time in the form of an open work contract. The green card holder can live in the country for the full period of time allowed or he/she can apply to become a permanent resident, which will grant him/her a work permit.

The green card holder has to be an adult above 18 years of age and must be a citizen of the country. If the immigrant has a family member living in the country, then they are given the right to sponsor him/her on the green card application.

This green card holders can apply to change their jobs in the country if they wish to do so. The Green Card holder can also go abroad for educational studies and obtain education degrees without the need for a visa.

The Green Card holder can also work as a teacher, but cannot teach at an elementary school or any other schools that offer education degrees at the same level as his/her current employer. A high school degree mus.t be acquired before you can apply for a Green Card.

Before the Green Card holder has the chance to apply for a Green Card, he/she must complete a background check on him/her by submitting biometric details and pass an interview for which he/she needs to pass. to get a visa immigration consultant in lahore

Many countries accept Green Card holders only after completing the interview and passing the medical tests. The visa application process takes about five to six months and a successful applicant gets a visa within six months. or less.

If the Green Card holder wants to apply for an extension of his/her stay, then he/she should submit a new application. The process is easy and straightforward.

The green card holder has to submit a copy of his/her birth certificate, marriage certificate, valid passport, proof of citizenship and a one year residence to the consular officer and also present the relevant work contract in support of the application for Green Card. A photo of the applicant’s name along with a copy of a photograph with the name tag and other information such as email address and phone number of the applicant must also be submitted along with the application. After the green card applicant has been approved for the visa, the application fee and visa are sent to the applicant at home or to the consular office of Canada.


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