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If you are planning to change your existing cell phone with a brand new cell phone. Then you surely do not want to grab your favorite cell phone out of a lavish collection of branded mobile phones for saleWith the advancement of technology, a lot of new features and apps have been introduced regarding cell phones. But it is very essential to have an appropriate understanding regarding necessary features that a smartphone must have.

Essential components of a smartphone:

It’s crucial to have a clear cut idea, that what components are indispensable for a smartphone. And what components are just adding the cherry on the cake?

  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Multiple windows
  • NFC
  • An awesome camera
  • A huge storage memory
  • Wireless charging
  • Vibrant display
  • Long lasting battery timing
  • A thin but elegant metalcore
  • Infrared remote control

Fingerprint sensor:

The most essential and effective security feature of a smartphone is the fingerprint sensor. It provides ultimate protection of your personal data. At the same time, a fingerprint sensor can save your time a lot. First of all fingerprint sensor was introduced by APPLE 5s. But now various other smartphones also contain this useful feature.

Multiple windows:

While using a computer a single window is never enough. Of course, this feature can be of great help in cell phones as well. But only a few companies are offering this services. At this time only LG’s G2 and Galaxy phones contain this feature.

NFC (Near Field Communication):

Near field, communication is a handy feature that allows us to transmit our data from one phone to other, or phone to laptop and other such electronic devices. It’s quite convenient to share media, documents, and other stuff by using this feature. Except for APPLE many other companies are offering this feature on their smartphones.

An awesome camera:

Can you imagine an android without a camera? Certainly not! A great camera is one of the most beneficial features of a smartphone. A camera is not required to capture a picture only. It’s much more than this.  A high number of pixels confer more resolution to an android.

A huge storage memory:

Of course, an adequate storage space enhances the performance and speed of a smartphone. Nowadays. Several companies are offering mobile phones for sale with a storage space from 16GB – 32GB. But certain APPLE iPhone have a storage memory up to 128GB.

Wireless charging:

Wireless charging is a convenient feature for traveling people and for them who do not want to plug in their phones and wait for hours to get it charged. Wireless charging is safe and handy.

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